Ubuntu 19.04 Disco Dingo Community Wallpaper Competition - VOTE HERE!

We will ask the judging panel for their votes and then I will post the results ASAP.

Hi everyone!

Well, this is getting exciting now! I’ve closed the thread for wallpaper entries and we can start the judging.
Voting will close on 22nd March, so you’ve got one week.

Here’s what I suggest you do:

  1. Open this thread in a separate window: Wallpaper competition - Disco Dingo
  2. You should find that the polls below show the images in the same order as the competition page. This will allow you to see the images at a high resolution. I’ve had to split this in to multiple polls because I can’t have a single poll with 57 entries.
  3. You have a maximum of 10 votes, please select your favourites (you can select fewer than 10 if you want, but not more). I can’t enforce this in the voting because of having to split the polls. I will be looking at the results to spot shenanigans.
  4. Check the boxes corresponding with your choices. The four polls have separate “VOTE NOW” buttons. Make sure you click each one to submit your votes.
  5. Done!

In addition to these polls the judging panel will have their votes too, and that will be combined with the votes here to end up with (ideally) 10 new wallpapers for Disco Dingo. The most popular of those will be carried forward to the next LTS as well, so by winning here you could see your wallpaper included in 20.04 LTS and seen by millions of Ubuntu users!

A huge thank you to everyone who took the time to enter the competition, good luck!

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  • agostinimik: Surfin U.S.A. image
  • agostinimik: Along the way image
  • vfrico: On the harbour image
  • vfrico: Inside green image
  • E_Skils: Lampshade image
  • E_Skils: PieceOfCodeClear image
  • E_Skils: ThamesSetting image
  • itzswirlz: Inside Liberty Bell Center image
  • itzswirlz: People exiting Independence Hall image
  • itzswirlz: People outside the Liberty Bell image
  • jasonflindt: DSC_0013.JPG image
  • jasonflindt: DSC_0060.JPG image
  • hotroof: KS-DiscoDingo10-1280x820.png image
  • hotroof: KS-DiscoDingo7-1280x720.png image
  • hotroof: KS-DiscoDingo9-1280x720.ong image
  • jasonflindt: A5F6AE5C-87A5-47E5-B756-DABB36C77D18.jpeg image
  • E_Skils: PieceOfCodeFBlured image

0 voters

  • akavalerov: Capucijnengang [2018-12-NL].jpg image
  • akavalerov: Tennis ball image
  • akavalerov:Snail on juniper image
  • akavalerov:: Hot road image
  • keanuk: edinburgh-wallpaper.jpg image
  • keanuk: crammond-wallpaper.jpg image
  • skywalker57: DSC_7299.jpgimage
  • skywalker57: Ubuntu1.jpg image
  • skywalker57: DSC_7272.jpg image
  • skywalker57: Flower - Espoo - Finland image
  • joseph-bylund: Unnamed Cay near Staniel Cay image
  • joseph-bylund: Sooke Potholes image
  • zero-1729: deault ubuntu 19.04_2048x1280.jpg image
  • simosx: SnowPla-scaled.png image
  • simosx: Sunset-scaled.png image
  • zero-1729: Electric Blue Dingo image
  • zero-1729: Neon Triangles + Dingo image
  • zero-1729: 80s Dingo Simulation image

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  • akshatshukla: 20190308201421_IMG_2757.JPG image
  • akshatshukla: 20190314174358_IMG_2822.JPG image

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I’m LIT!

However, get rid of the picture as I mentioned-the one of people exiting Independence Hall-and although I like people in my picture, honestly, I don’t want him to be in an operating system without his permission. It isn’t cool.

Also, in order to not be cheating I won’t vote.

I can’t edit the poll now, but we can make sure it’s not one of the final selections that get published, don’t worry.

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I’ve counted up the votes and the winners are below.
I’ll contact you by email (the email address you used to register here) to ask for a copy of the full size, final images.

Congratulations to the winners, and thanks to everyone who entered.

  • akavalerov: Tennis ball
  • agostinimik: Flower Gate Bridge
  • zero-1729: 80s Dingo Simulation
  • akavalerov: Capucijnengang [2018-12-NL].jpg
  • simosx: Sunset-scaled.png
  • zero-1729: deault ubuntu 19.04_2048x1280.jpg
  • joseph-bylund: Unnamed Cay near Staniel Cay
  • vfrico: On the harbour
  • keanuk: crammond-wallpaper.jpg
  • keanuk: edinburgh-wallpaper.jpg