UbuCon Asia 2024 to be held in Jaipur, India

After many discussions within the committee, UbuCon Asia Committee is glad to announce that UbuCon Asia 2024 to be held in Jaipur, India. Initially, We received bids from India and Timor-leste, and India’s bid was better prepared with most of the details that the committee required. And unfortunately, friends from Timor-leste withdrew their bid due to some difficulties bringing UbuCon Asia to Dili.

The local team proposed a joint event with GNOME.Asia in the bid. While the UbuCon Asia Committee agrees to do so, We’re still waiting for a response from the GNOME.Asia Committee. Once we get details, We’ll share more details. Hopefully, see you everyone in Jaipur next year!

For transparency, You may find bids from the URL below.

Key details

  • Proposed dates: 2024-10-03T18:30:00Z2024-10-05T18:30:00Z
  • Participant scale: About 250 - 300 attendees
  • Venue: JECRC University (May subject to change)

Become a sponsor!

If your company or organization is interested in sponsoring UbuCon Asia 2024, Please feel free to contact sponsorship@ubucon.asia. We don’t have much details on sponsorship programs yet, But will make sure to notify you as soon as the sponsorship details are ready!

General inquiries

For general questions on UbuCon Asia, you may send a mail to contact@ubucon.asia