UbuCon Asia 2024 - Call for proposals

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We’re thrilled to announce the call for proposals for UbuCon Asia 2024! UbuCon(s) are community-organized conferences for the Ubuntu community, bringing together contributors, enthusiasts, and users from all over the world. UbuCon Asia, in particular, is a regional event that focuses on the specific interests and needs of the Asian Ubuntu community.

Tracks and Topics

We’re seeking a diverse range of session proposals across the following tracks (but not limited to):

  • Desktop and WSL: Explore the latest developments in Ubuntu desktop environments and Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL).
  • Cloud and Infrastructure: Dive into cloud technologies, server deployments, and infrastructure management.
  • Localizations and Accessibility: Discuss localization efforts, language support, and making Ubuntu accessible to all.
  • Documentations and QA: Share best practices for documentation, quality assurance, and testing.
  • Security and Compliance: Address security challenges, compliance standards, and safeguarding Ubuntu systems.
  • Data, AI, and ML: Explore data science, artificial intelligence, and machine learning on Ubuntu.
  • Devices and IoT: Learn about Ubuntu on embedded devices, IoT applications, and edge computing.
  • Content and Design: Uncover creative aspects such as UI/UX design, theming, and visual content.
  • Community: Celebrate community achievements, collaboration, and fostering connections.
  • Other: If your proposal doesn’t fit neatly into the above tracks, we still want to hear from you!

Why Submit a Proposal?

At UbuCon Asia, our goal is to showcase the incredible work people do with Ubuntu and to connect passionate organization and individuals across Asia. If any of the following apply to you, consider submitting your proposal today:

  • Using Ubuntu at Work or for Your Hobby: Share your experiences and insights.
  • Innovative Projects done with Ubuntu: Have you done something groundbreaking with Ubuntu? Tell us!
  • Building or Deploying Ubuntu Products: Whether it’s software or hardware, we want to hear about it.
  • Ubuntu Advocacy: Are you spreading the open-source spirit? We’d love to learn from you.
  • Fascinating Case Studies or Stories: Share your knowledge and inspire others.
  • Local Ubuntu Community Stories: Especially those within the Asian region — let’s celebrate our community!

Spread the Word!

Help us make UbuCon Asia 2024 a vibrant and enriching event. Share this call for proposals with your friends, colleagues, and anyone else who might be interested in speaking at UbuCon Asia. We eagerly await your submissions!

For more details and to submit your proposal today, visit this link to learn more. Let’s make this conference an unforgettable experience for all Ubuntu enthusiasts! :rocket::star2:

Important dates

You may submit your proposal from March 13th
Deadline for submission is until April 13th. Depending on number of submission we received, this could be extended or closed advanced. You may have a look at Important dates page on our website for updates schedules.

Got questions?

If you need any help with preparing your proposal, or unsure about the topic, please feel free to contact us or ask questions on chat!