Ubucon Asia 2021 - Looking for organizers

Hello, everyone. I’m Youngbin Han from Ubuntu Korean LoCo.

I’m trying to organize a virtual conference with other LoCos in Asia region these days.
After many attempts to contact with LoCos and suggest about the event,
I could bring Chinese and Taiwan LoCo, and Debian people from Japan(hopefully Japanese LoCo may join earlier next year. They seems like very busy until end of this year)

But, I could bring only few people from China and Japan(only single person from each region). and I think more people from China and Japan should join since just one person can’t handle everything happens about the event in their region.

Also, I would like to know if there is any LoCo from Asian region would like to join the team.

If any of the following applies to you, and would like to join and organize Ubucon Asia 2021 together,

  • You are a member of core member of the Ubuntu LoCo from Asian region.
  • You’re not from Ubuntu LoCo from Asian region, but interested in Ubuntu and organizing this event.

Please feel free to contact me via email(sukso96100@gmail.com) or telegram(sukso96100).
You can also reply on this topic to join. You will need a telegram account since we usually discuss in telegram group.

To learn more about details and some ideas about organizing this conference, Please head over to the url below.


Hello everyone. After I opened this thread, Thankfully many people contacted me to join the team. We’ll accept core organizers until end of this month. From upcoming February, There will be chat meetings every other week to discuss about detailed plans.

You can see more details on the website(which is under construction yet) and wiki


We had the first meeting yesterday. To learn more about what we’ve discussed, please refer the following link.