Minute for first meeting of Ubucon Asia 2021 Organizers

We had the first video call meeting to discuss basic things(e.g. Dates, team structures, etc.) of Ubucon Asia event. The meeting minute is available on Ubuntu Wiki.


  • Date: 2021. 09. 25. ~ 26. (2 days)
  • Formed dedicated teams for specific topics
  • There will be both stream of pre-recorded videos and live video call sessions
    • video stream: YouTube Premieres, Bilibili(needs some test) for regular sessions
    • live video call: Eventyay for Networking, Q&A, Lightning talk
  • Will setup Google drive and trello for sharing files and checklist.
  • Will setup mailing list for receiving contacts for sponsorship, questions etc.
  • Next meeting: Feb 17th 10:00 PM UTC+9
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