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in case it has not been seen by everyone, here the link to the minutes from the community council meeting around the IRC issues:


I personally think, IRC is a good thing and the Webchat makes using IRC really simple. But at the moment Libera doesn’t have an webchat. A big advantage of IRC is that you do not vae to give any personal information to a provider (unless the channel is +r).

EDIT: Well, actually Libera doesn’t has his own webchat, but it’s possible to use

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Matrix is pretty nice. It makes much more sense to me to just switch over to Matrix (and then add IRC bridging) as opposed to switching IRC servers.

does matrix support IRC cloaks (which is a feature of ubuntu membership), will all the bots, scripts and tools “just work”, can you do channel forwarding for “out of service channels” etc etc … the IRCC is familiar with IRC and they are the ones having to do the heavylifting of migrating a ton of channels, tools, bots and whatnot over …

it seems everyone feels like it is mildly urgent to move away from freenode for the moment, in that light i dont think switching technologies at the same time is actually clever … such a move makes more sense to be well planned in advance.


Making two switches in the next year makes even less sense. Any transitions are going to lose people - the more you do the worse it may be. Switching to Matrix will make it more welcoming for new users.

I wasn’t able to find information on IRC Cloaks equivalent in Matrix.

And where exactly is the problem with Freenode?
According to the resolution the Ubuntu IRC Council believes this and that, but I do not see any facts or evidence for any malicious behaviour on Freenode.

It would surely help to understand, why it is urgent. I do not care, whether the channels are on Freenode or (or changed to Matrix), but this “we-have-voted-and-acted-based-on-rumours” does not really convince me.

beyond the hostile behaviour of the person running this coup 'd etat and the moral issues in all this back and forth (which is very well documentd in many IRC logs), one of the issues is that all of the nickserv databases are now owned by a commercial, single-person-owned company. that db includes your email address as well as the last IP you connected from which is clearly valuable data to sell … so if you are registered, expect more spam hitting your inbox soon …


Is this just your opinion? Even after studying several sources I am not able to give a verdict. I cannot say, who is right and who not.

I don’t exactly understand, where the problem is. Until a few days ago, several persons (volunteers) had access to the nickserv databases and it was no problem. Now, a commercial, single-person-owned company has access (plus the volunteers, which remained and new staff) and we have a problem?

I understand what you are trying to imply with this sentence, but nevertheless I think there is a reason why the legal principle in dubio pro reo has prevailed.
Is the “single-person-owned company” based in Europe? If so, I think the GDPR can be used for real and legal steps.

First of all, I expect more spam, regardless of whether my mail is registered on Freenode or not. I am not sure, if the increase of “Freenode-caused” spam will be statistically significant.

Did Canonical try to buy this data? Or did you see an offer in the dark net? Do you have any evidence, that data from the nickserv databases are or will be sold?

I guess, there are several backups of the nickserv databases. So going away from Freenode does not delete the mail addresses from the backups.

yes, this is my opinion after spending a few nights reading through the ton of conversation logs from the #freenode-staff-discussion channel (and solely mine, despite the badge on my avatar i do not speak for canonical when speakíng in the community forum unless i explicitly state i do)

but note that i do not have a say in the IRCC or CC decision here (despite supporting their choice) … the “it seems everyone feels like it is mildly urgent to move away from freenode” is simply an observation across the IRC channels i’m in that i stated …


Thank you for your answers and your time.

I do not have any problem with your opinion. And I do not have any problem, that the IRCC members have an opinion.

I asked here, because I hoped that somebody can share some links or some evidence of malicious or evil actions.


mind you, this is a lot to read:

more info about the company is

more info about andrew lee (who is also co-founder of the gloriously failed Mt. Gox bitcoin exchange ) is at:


Ouch! The fact that he was involved with Mt. Gox during the time of the disappearance of mucho bitcoin, is enough for me to be wary and skeptical of him and his company going forward!


The move to has already begun to some extent.

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