Minutes for the 2021-05-19 Community Council Meeting

Meeting Minutes

  1. Proposal from IRCC on migration to Libera.chat
  • IRCC submitted a proposal to the CC to migrate away from Freenode to Libera.chat
  • This request was sent and received a few hours before the meeting
  • Thomas Ward raised the issue of scope, especially the namespaces such as kubuntu and lubuntu that are owned by the IRCC
  • This issue is being undertaken by the current IRCC, as the recent election is not done.
  • The IRCC noted they want the input of the namespace stakeholders (e.g. kubuntu and lubuntu) before they proceed
  • The CC vote this evening is a soft quorum to allow for rapid movement once the IRCC has contacted namespace stakeholders. The CC notes there is “a sense of urgency from the community” and that there is a “duty to answer.” The CC supports the move, “provided that current IRCC polls the other stakeholders for the namespaces as to their opinions.”
  • The IRCC will determine the logistics of the move, and @madhens will coordinate with IS to help
  • The soft quorum passes with a vote of 5-0
  • The CC discuss next steps for the IRCC:
    • Quickpoll stakeholders, since the IRCC has greater insight into who they need to contact, as to who would like not to move, or who would object, if any.
    • Handle the logistics of migration, including member cloaks.
    • Update (and provide if CC requests) documentation of a plan for migration as well as relevant stakeholders for which namespace.
  • Community Team will support the IRCC as needed in the above tasks.


  • A lot of documentation will need upgrading, including the wiki, the Ubuntu desktop guide, and links in flavor welcomes/menus
  • It would likely be helpful to use channel topics and bots on freenode for a transition period to signpost the move
  • We will communicate news around the proposal and any forward using multiple channels and platforms
  1. Forum Council Renewals
  • Forum Council requested renewals of their members
  • No objections were raised to the renewals
  • @teward will handle the renewals accordingly

Present: @nhaines @jose @teward @eeickmeyer @torsten.franz @madhens


While this move was most likely driven out of urgency, is it safe to say this is the approach for moving the current infrastructure over and is not in conflict with the conversation of alternative communication platforms?

In fear of pointing out the obvious, I would suspect that an IRC Council would be biased towards IRC and that the conversation about communication platforms should be a bit more general.

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The Ubuntu Community Council has made the decision. We have discussed about the issue even before the letter from the IRC Council arrived.

At the moment, we in the Ubuntu Community Council have seen the need for an IRC network. If at some point in the future this need no longer exists from our point of view and we want to switch to another communication medium, then that will happen. Changes always take place.