The Ubuntu store is closed

The Ubuntu store is now closed. Is the message that reads in the front page. Where am I going to buy my Disco Dingo shirt now?
At least you could partner with an external provider like some YouTubers do.

There will indeed be a replacement way to purchase officially endorsed Ubuntu swag in the future. I believe there will be a new partnership, but that’s not done yet. We’ll announce when it’s ready.


Well, we aren’t sure.

The last time the store was really used was when 17.10 came out. It’s been a long way since then. Besides, using zazzle or something you can edit in a picture, and you can make it from there.

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Okay, thanks! This is good news.

Your welcome. It is also how I got my fedora water bottle, so if you can edit out the Disco Bird thing, and put it on there, you can make your own. If you want to you could try to distribute it instead and you might make profit off of it.

The Ubuntu Store will come back. If not, websites like for cubing, that type of stuff, will come back.

Well, you can buy Ubuntu T-shirts from Aliexpress. Somewhat cheaper too.:slight_smile:

Good to know that I like to buy that swag, and I do it often…

It’s not official from Ubuntu, but the French LoCo run a store where they sell very nice looking release themed t-shirts.


This is actually a nice looking store. Thanks.

Maybe this is off-topic but I like cubes :smile:

Not interested in that. I did buy from the Ubuntu Store because I wanted to help support Ubuntu, this is also why I buy from the French LoCo Store, and from the companies that sponsor Ubuntu Flavours. Not interested in things that are not meant to support Ubuntu or the broader Ubuntiverse.


+1 to having an official channel to mail order swag that feeds $$$ back into Canonical to enhance future offerings.

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