Testing unity session in Focal Fossa - 20.04

This might be a stupid question, I haven’t really kept up with Unity development in quite some time though I do use it on 19.10 still.

What is that launcher icon you have? Is there an official Unity Remix in the works or something?

Hello @londoed .

Development is currently at a slow pace, but despite that we have @khurshid-alam taking care of bug fixes and maintaining the interface.

I, Ubunteiro Feliz, have been creating the arts for the remix (wallpapers, launcher icons, among others related to this area), which you can check in this link here.

At the beginning of last month, I created a topic about the current situation and how it can be resolved, it is written in English and Brazilian Portuguese (my native language), which you can read it here.

Raul Dipeas, who is from the same country as me, tried to go ahead with the project for an unofficial remix, called Unity XP, which ended up going off the air and being closed due to the low adhesion of the Lusophone community to the project. I talked to him about it here (if you don’t speak Portuguese, I recommend using Google Translate to follow the whole conversation on this topic).

Any questions, I’ll be answering. :smile:


Not atm. Custom background drawing never worked well beyond 16.04 (due to gtk regression). Icons are there but a solid background is painting over it. I guess custom isn’t really transperent. Somewhere in your setting it is using solid color. Perhaps it is better if you try it from ccsm.

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I’ll try to see how it goes, thanks for the help. :slight_smile:

Using custom color isn’t an issue here (ccsm) but it’s too bad that at some point after 18.04 the custom color setting lost the ability to set opacity on the custom color(dash) thru the setting dialog.
While there was always an interrelationship between panel & dash opacity settings the only way to change dash opacity was thru the custom color setting dialog.
Haven’t looked at whether you can’t do it or aren’t given the means to do it.
I believe dash opacity was represented by the last 2 ‘characters’ on the /org/compiz/profiles/unity/plugins/unityshell/background-color= line…

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The greeter logo is ‘shifted’ to the right so not completeScreenshot%20from%202020-03-16%2001-00-54

I think it will be worth spending some time on the next cycle updating the looks of unity as per @ubunteiro-feliz work above. There was some work in Yaru to support Unity and atm the one thing missing in yaru are the right icons for the notification area (showing the ugky default ones for wifi etc).

The best suggestion at time, to fit a little bit like Yaru, is to use Vimix GTK and Yaru Plus.




When you look at the screeny on OP, what do you see? The theme and the icons?

Like I said in the OP, many thanks to @khurshid-alam!
And, not to forget @dale-f-beaudoin!

It appears that only Chromium and Chrome web browsers still have global menu with Unity DE.

Normal Chromium, not the snap.

The latest Chrome.

But, Firefox doesn’t have the global menu for Unity DE for sometime now.

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global menu in FF was dropped for 20.04 to reduce maintenance
firefox (72.0+build4-0ubuntu1) focal; urgency=medium

  • New upstream stable release (72.0+build4)

[ Olivier Tilloy ]

  • Remove debian/patches/unity-menubar.patch before the LTS release
    to minimize the maintenance effort

However in 18.04 it hasn’t, here I just manually update FF using the 18.04 package which works fine.
(- as long as FF is same major version the initial install of 18.04’s package won’t cause FF to force using a new profile…

The original unity-menubar.patch appears to be here. Does anyone know how to use it to make FF work with global menu?

you take the firefox source, try to apply these 5200 lines, fix them until they apply, then build it, test it, find bugs you introduced by changing the code with your patch, repeat that last step until no more bugs show up and be done … pretty simple if you have several days of spare time you can/want invest into that … next firefox update you repeat the whole thing …

and indeed you cant distribute this legally as firefox without permission from mozilla to use the firefox trademark.


I am talking to those, who use Unity DE and FF, not the others…:slight_smile:

well, you asked how to use the patch … that is how you do it …


This is ridiculous, frankly. Isn’t it useful for other DEs as well, like KDE and Ubuntu Mate, that have the global menu implementation by default? Why do they have to drop it?


I’ve been using Firefox ESR in Bionic for months, and the Global Menu is NOT there. It is in Thunderbird, but it is NOT in Firefox ESR.

Addendum: Observed that Palemoon, a fork of Firefox, doesn’t have Global Menu either.

I’d get used to no global menu’s, quite possible they completely disappear in 20.04+ with gtk4.
As far as firefox, as mentioned you can use 18.04’s package or use 18.04’s current patch on 20.04 package source, either till end of 18.04 support or if they drop there also. (no indication they will

The problem this creates is that the intended user experience is not going to work consistently with even the out-of-the-box programs. Some people may go out of their way and implement the workarounds but not the most, who just want things to work. Unity was exactly the DE that is designed and just works, without any tweaks, but apparently this stops being the case.

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