Testing unity session in Focal Fossa - 20.04

Does logout breaks again with recent systemd ? I am with intel i5 8 gen + nvidia (nouveau)

@ zippy.zebu
See no issues here about log out/in, no unity session issues at all either.
On a week old fresh install…

New to this forum. Thanks to everyone who’s maintaining Unity. It runs really well on 20.04 for me. I’m on an older laptop, but I’ve beefed up the RAM to 16 GB’s, and I have one 500GB SSD and a 1TB HDD. Other than replacing the CPU from an i5 to an i7, I think I’m about done messing with this thing.

One item that I’m not able to find an answer for:

  • I am unable to lock Inkscape from Flatpak to the Launcher.

No matter what I try, as soon as I quit the program, the icon disappears from the Launcher.

Other than that one annoyance, I think this is great! Ubuntu 20.04 Beta seems very solid, and Unity runs very well on it. So, once again; thanks!

Maybe, this post would help you. You have to create a link to the desktop file.

We need a website for Ubuntu Unity


@rs2009, @chanath and guys, while the site is not launched, we have the Ayatun to ease the lack of it. You can invite any member of the community who wants to join, to stay on top of what happens here on Discourse. The server is in two languages: English and Portuguese.

It seems that invite link is dead, can you send it again? I’m intruiged.

Ayatun was terminated due to a lack of people interested in the project.

It seems extended Desktop options like in screen are gone, if so too bad.
Being able to align to grid but not auto arrange and still adjust icon size was a good deal…context1

I was unable to get Focal Fossa to come up successfully in VirtualBox 6.1.6. After it was installed and I installed the extensions, it would boot into a black screen and hang. Never got a login screen so I was never able to install Unity and try it out. I generally don’t upgrade till the .1 release comes out in the summer so I’m hoping I’ll eventually get to test this environment out before installing it on my “live” machine.

I don’t know anyone know but some scopes doesn’t run right now Videos, photos and music

Hello everyone, I’m trying to use Unity on Focal Fossa and the experience has been good but not as it used to be. Ambiance theme seems not to be supported any more. Sometimes the global menu doesn’t show on enter keypress. I have to use enter + a to show it again for example.

Desktop support has disappeared like you can see in the image below (this is not my desktop btw).
The only way to bring it back is to use nemo as the default file manager.

I have seen on this topic that Ubuntu Unity Remix is in development stage. I can’t wait, if I can help in any way, I’d be glad to.

Seems gnome-terminal doesn’t work on Unity. I’m not sure if this bug exists with the final build of Ubuntu Focal Fossa, but this did seem to be a problem in the beta.

Reference ISO of Unubuntu (uses Unity7) that I built:

@ recepchakan,
Those are lens and they aren’t installed via the ubuntu-unity-desktop package.
Highly advised to search unity in synaptic, scroll down and install scopes & lens as desired.

@ phogred
Sorry, not sure any of what your saying makes any sense.
If you enabled unity via the ubuntu-unity-desktop package then nemo handles the desktop, nothing to do with nemo being set as default file manager (even though that’s a good idea for many…
If you didn’t use that package then odds are you’ll have a deficient setup

global menu on enter key??? enter+a ??? (- maybe you mean something else?

Sorry if I haven’t been clear. I’ve installed ubuntu-unity-desktop package and nemo didn’t handle the desktop. It was still handled by nautilus thus the desktop wasn’t working. Maybe that’s because I’ve disabled recommended packages installation in apt.

And I meant super key instead of enter key. Unity global menu sometimes doesn’t show on super key press. I guess I was tired yesterday.

Anyway thanks for answering!

thanks for help and informations.

It’s far,far better to set up by installing ubuntu-unity-desktop with all it’s deps & recommends in synaptic.
Then after install you can remove some of the recommends as desired, synaptic has an easy to read history to see what was installed.
Otherwise ( no recommends) you’ll have an ill functioning install that’s quite a pain to set straight.
You could try removing ubuntu-unity-desktop, update sources, then re-install, do in synaptic.
Then log out/in or maybe reboot…

I’ve completely reinstalled Unity with recommended packages and the experience is much better. I’ve set up Nemo as the default FM which makes more sense and removed nautilus.
Now I’m waiting patiently for a focal mini iso or Unity remix to have a clean experience.
Unity still feels great.

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Guys, before a permanent installation, I tried the Unity in a VM (VirtualBox) and noticed the miss of media keyboard actions (increase/decrease volume and others) in a laptop. I don’t know whether it’s a limitation of VM or a bug in Unity. Did anyone have similar experience?

Additionally: any combination of Fn plus something …