Testing Unity Session in 19.04

I don’t have a video at hand to try. It seems, VLC moves from full screen to maximized window, when playing a video.

Regarding Nemo, is there a way to put a link to Appearance in the desktop right click menu?

As far as nemo, probably not. That would have been enabled by one of the unity integration patches, maybe 22-draw-desktop-background.patch
None of those patches would work anymore, they’d have to be redone for the newer libgnome-desktop-3-x & for a meson build. ( not a trivial task by any means.

Link to Appearance can be placed on the desktop, so if anyone wants, can change wallpaper that way. Settings can be placed in the Unity Launcher too. After using Nemo, one doesn’t want to use Nautilus. The idea is to get things done, not just to have a shiny, but lack-of-options file manager.

Link to Apperance with Nemo

@mc3man Is there a way to place this

sh -c “unity-control-center appearance”

as a nemo action, so it’d show in the drop down menu? The nemo action can be created, but won’t appear in the drop down menu.

@fossfreedom I installed the same in Budgie, and the only problem is same as above. The rest works quite well.

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Don’t believe nemo actions are useable when using nemo with unity or gnome-shell. Take a look at Edit > Plugins, you’ll see several enabled but not useable.
You can create an extension or a script. script is simple, extension not so much…

unity-control-center appearance

Put in .local/share/nemo/scripts & make executable…

Yes, that solves the problem. Thanks! All desktop actions are now there. Only thing is that this “scripts” appears everywhere, I right click on Nemo…Anyway, I can put some other scripts there to make things easier.

No need to wait for newer Nautilus. I need dual panes. I still use MC for most tasks.

Maybe, we can still use old (gold) Nautilus 3.4 in newer releases?

Thanks to @ khurshid-alam, @ mc3man and @chanath, now I have no problem, the desktop icon starts on my Ubuntu desktop 19.04 with Nemo.
Captura de pantalla de 2018-12-18 22-36-30
The solution is to make a script that runs nemo-desktop at startup.
Captura de pantalla de 2018-12-18 20-47-30

I did read that you have to make nemo-desktop part of the startup applications

Yes this is my scripts

sleep 10 &&
exec nemo-desktop
exit 0
make executable
then you create another scripts that I saw with @mc3man.
this to change desktop image
unity-control-center appearance

Put in .local/share/nemo/scripts & make executable…


There is some lack of entries in Filter results > Categories. Should Office be shown here as a Category? I can’t remember, if it was there in 17.04 or before, though.

Office is lacking in Filters

Office was never a category for home lens, I am removing few deprecated online scopes and lenses. Gnote will replace tomboy. And there will be new contacts, calendar, ssh & keyring scopes. Due to lack of zeitgeist patch from new nautilus files and folder search will suffer, but I will put a patched version of nautilus in the ppa later.

About Office, I was not sure, so I asked. Is the new ppa ready or should wait a while? Atm, the folder search is bad even in the default Ubuntu. Nautilus just gets stuck, if you search, and won’t open the folder.

if you’re interested in setting the wallpaper on Nemo without going through Unity Control Center, just add this script:


gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.background picture-uri "\"file://$picture\""

Just wish I could figure out how to enable that script only for image files.

Edit: Figured it out…kinda. Best I can make it do is open Unity Control Center if the extension isn’t valid


img_in_arr() {
	local img_ext_arr=("jpg","png")
	local img_ext=$1
	local state=1
	for i in "${img_ext_arr[@]}"; do
		if [[ $img_ext == $i ]]; then
	return $state

ext=`echo $fn | rev | cut -f1 -d"." -s | rev`
if  [ -z "$ext" ]; then
	state=img_in_arr $ext

if [[ $state -eq 1 ]]; then
	unity-control-center appearance

	gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.background picture-uri "\"file://$picture\""

Just gonna fix it to make sure that it works with an uppercase extensions as well.


Thanks, pal! @YamiYukiSenpai
It worked.

Can change background now

Put your script in /.local/share/nemo/actions. Made it executable. Created a nemo action in that folder. Appearance.nemo_action

And, in Ubuntu (default) too!

Change background with nemo in Gnome

And, in Ubuntu Budgie too. @fossfreedom

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Here, the Categories had come back somehow. Please check.


These categories are quite all right, really!.

From a packaging point of view a debian package cannot add anything to a local user folder such as .local/share/nemo/actions

So any configuration that has been played with throughout this thread must be done at a global system level.

I said home lens. You are in application lens.

This can be added to /usr/share/nemo/actions

That’s what I was referring to here. Once, it was not there, then it has come back. No idea why.

Did you manage to get dropbox integrated with Nemo? Kind of think it is a must have for a large number of peoples workflow.

For nemo actions it seems some ex. were deficient , i.e missing required fields.
So for that requested one on desktop background this should work
(- in .local/share/nemo/actions file named

[Nemo Action]
Comment=Open Appearance menu
Exec=unity-control-center appearance