Testing Unity Session in 19.04


In about 2-3 weeks, the development daily of 19.04 would be released. Would you try to make the Unity PPA work with 19.04?

I’d be moving my install to 19.04 repo as soon as it appears.


Usually “Call for testing…” starts before beta release. This is too soon for this kind of thread.

As for PPA, yes…but,

  1. The PPA may not be required, because sharing panel and other things (ubuntu-unity-desktop) will land for 19.04.

  2. I may use the ppa for libinput-port testing, libnm-port testing and other things.


I’ll be moving the install to 19.04 repos as soon as it appears. It’d slowly move forward, and if problems happen, I’ll post them. Never stayed with any stable install after the first dev repo was announced.

Is there a possibility we can unity approved as an official flavour together with an ISO and stuff?


potential issues that may need to be addressed

Not sure which unity depends on qt4. Reverse depends doesn’t really show anything.

About module, the logic behind the removal doesn’t make any sense. May be Ubuntu will revert the commit and carry module support as a patch. This is not unity specific. This concerns all other flavors. But unity is all gtk3 now and gtk3 is not going anywhere anytime soon.

It would appear to install these packages, whether needed I don’t know, removing I haven’t noticed any ill effect myself

We just need to drop appmenu-qt from indicator-appmenu and sni-qt from ubuntu-unity-desktop. It’s for getting appmenu for qt4 apps. But if qt4 drops out, there won’t be any qt4 apps. And qt5 already has appmenu integration.


@chanath @mc3man

Do you know if any keyboard shortcut combination will be suitable for launching gnome-system-monitor ?

In this bug they added (CTRL+ALT+DEL) as custom command in compiz, but in unity (profile unity) commands plugin is disabled as CTRL+ALT+DEL is used for log-off dialog. Not sure what disables that plugin though. It is enabled by default in code and in compiz-plugins-default package. I installed unity from ubuntu-unity-desktop. Do you have it enabled or disabled (by default)?

But If I enable commands plugin and press CTRL+ALT+DEL repeatedly both system-monitor and log-off launch which is wrong. So I am thinking of changing that in compiz.

I thought of CTRL+ALT+ESC but unity uses legacy keygrabber code and Escape can’t be used (Just now, I fixed legacy keygrabber code in the PPA. See bug #1755106)

CTRL+ALT+KP_END is being used for move-to-corner-sw in compiz grid. So that leaves CTRL+ALT+|, but that doesn’t look good.

Any idea ?

Aren’t there some free ctr+alt+letter shortcuts left? (- like g or m or ??
I believe the commands plugin could be default enabled in compiz/debian/unity.ini (- for new installs only…

Yes letters are left, the question is which letter? People use g for gedit, so m then ?


s0_active_plugins = core;composite;opengl;copytex;compiztoolbox;vpswitch;snap;mousepoll;resize;place;move;wall;grid;regex;imgpng;session;animation;fade;unitymtgrabhandles;workarounds;scale;expo;ezoom;commands;unityshell

So it’s already there, but in new install it is not enabled in ccsm.

Could you release the Unity DE as a snap? It might be easier and more safer for ppl to run it without running the risk of dependency hell and braking the system.


Out of curiosity, what is the best replacement for Nautilus on Unity: Caja or Nemo?

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I guess the command plugin needs to be added to /debian/compiz-plugins.install file…

I think m is ok.
(- as an aside for unity/compiz here I’ve changed the binding for window picker for window group from all workspaces to crtl+alt+z . This allows one handed operation which is easier done than the current binding.

Do we have a unity (as in unity the compiz plugin) repository anywhere?

It looks like it would Disco dingo.


Does Alt+F5 unmiximize window for you ? In other environments it’s Alt+F10, but in unity Alt+F10 is used to open the first indicator menu. ubuntu-settings-gsettings-override sets default like

unmaximize = ['<Primary><Super>Down','<Super>Down','<Alt>F5']

which seems wrong. Compiz overwrites with super+down anyway. We can use Alt+F5 for other actions like toggle-maximize.

By default here Alt+F5 does nothing
(- also at least one of the keyboard window shortcuts in System settings > Keyboard > Shortcuts > Windows does nothing . Any non-working does if reset to shown binding
A non working would be Minimize Window

All installs are already moved to 19.04