Testing Unity Session in 19.04

What was the PPA of the custom Nemo that allows it to replace Nautilus?

Any of you experienced your icons looking all wonky when you resize the launcher panel?

Also, I reported the bug.

Also, my keyboard shortcuts are hit and miss. For example, I setup <Meta>+<Ctrl>+{arrow key} to switch workspaces. While <Meta>+<Ctrl>+{up,down} are hit and miss (I’d say 80% hit), <Meta>+<Ctrl>+{left,right} is a total miss.

Icon issue is yaru-icon-theme issue, Change your affected project to yaru on the bug report. Problem with the shortcut key is a bug. Will be fixed soon. Meanwhile you can use unity7maintainer ppa.

It’s actually the same with Ubuntu Mono Dark icon theme

Hi All,

Can you test Nautilus 3.30 with Unity from the PPA. See https://community.ubuntu.com/t/nautilus-3-30-status/8907

There won’t be desktop icons, so settings-daemon will draw the background. And no zeitgeist, so file-lens may not populate (when you do copy/paste) as fast as it used to be (it can still show using locate).

I am also testing caja-desktop for icons and wallpapers. I will open a topic when done.

Nautilus seems ok.
As far as lens Home, Applications, Files & Folders & Videos work ok.
Music never populates, same for Photos though can’t remember last time Photos worked at all.

The nautilus icon has the issue of xdg folders in quicklists only show when a nautilus window is open & for about 10 secs after closing all nautilus windows. Maybe dbus related?, seen in 18.04 also…

Thanks @mc3man

For me it does (through rhythmbox
). It does uses zeitgeist over dbus, but that has nothing to do with the patch in nautilus. (And I will try to make a patched of version of nautilus available in ppa)

Photos is shotwell related. May be the scope is broken ?

Yes & No. Quicklist can stay active as long as the application is active. Earlier Nautilus & nautilus-desktop was same and nautilus-desktop was always running and so was the quicklist.

And Nautilus don’t just quit but gracefully disappears from session bus too. Hence the little delay.

@mc3man @chanath

Do you have thumbnails with new nautilus? I am testing with xubuntu 32 bit iso in vm, so may be issue is with 32 bit?

Update: Never mind, just found the issue. https://gitlab.gnome.org/GNOME/gnome-desktop/issues/89

Can we stay with Nautilus 3.26 for the next few releases of Ubuntu? At least until the Gnome devs stop committing suicide like the Windows 8 ones? The drag and drop is a necessity.

Quite contented with this “old” Nautilus.


Drag & drop ? Can you explain ?

Drag files/folders even apps to the desktop and drop them there. They show on the desktop.
You can drag and drop files/folders between folders (directories), but with the new Nautilus, you can’t do that to the desktop.

Drag and drop is the most used feature in all OSs, Windows, MacOS…and in all kinds of DEs in the Linux world. Gnome is trying to kill it off.

Just imagine telling the Windows, MacOS users that this feature would be taken off!

There’s also people who really want Ubuntu to be on Files 3.30, e.g. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b3qb9h9AJvc but also @stephen-d-allen https://community.ubuntu.com/t/gnome-nautilus-3-28-in-ubuntu-18-04/5139/12?u=ads20000

I’m guessing we can’t use the Desktop Icons GNOME extension to get icons on the Unity desktop? The decision to try and get Files 3.30 on Ubuntu by default will probably affect Ubuntu Unity as much as all the other flavours (all the ones mentioned are official, of course, unlike Ubuntu Unity) and I don’t know how Ubuntu Unity would get desktop icons onto the desktop without sticking with Files 3.26, nor how it would keep Files 3.26 if Ubuntu upgrades to 3.30 and then 3.32.

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Well, the alternative would be to use Nemo or Caja (I personally would go for Nemo)

What about the Active Desktop Ubuntu Budgie is planning on adding?

Edit: Speaking of Nemo, what was the PPA that allows you to install the patched version of Nemo without too much Cinnamon dependencies? I thought it was ppa:webupd8team/nemo, but that one doesn’t even have a release for bionic & cosmic.

@chanath you should try using Suru++ 20. It has icons for the top panel


I’d be happy to have Nemo too. Hope @mc3man might help with that.
I have Suru++ too, and some other nice icons and themes, and also much nicer dark theme than Yaru-dark. That’s the one shown on the last screenshot (#29). It is mix of one dark theme with another unity theme, so the coloured round -, + and x. The icons in that is Yaru, looks nice on dark background.

The Active Desktop Ubuntu Budgie is planning is not good on Unity, for it won’t give you a background, and it’d kill the Unity look, when you purge it. But it is good for a typical Gnome based DE, though. It is good on Gnome shell…though

I don’t really care too hoots about all this developments of Gnome and Nautilus, 3.30, or 3.32 or 5.50, for they are just killing what users need. One must remember how fast MS dropped Windows 8…Do we learn?

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Good call. Found the PPA for Nemo, but it seems to only work on Bionic.

We’ll have to ask @mc3man nicely to update it, :slight_smile:

agree because my personal vote is to switch to Nemo (been trying for a few hours now without problems so far) :+1:


Can you take off these words “unsupported packages from this untrusted” in
“You can update your system with unsupported packages from this untrusted PPA”
All those, who want Unity trust this ppa, anyway. :wink:

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To try and change that you’ll want to file a bug against Launchpad, I imagine, since it says that for every PPA.

PPA packages are always unsupported and untrusted until the packages are merged into main (for Canonical support) or universe (for community support).

Sometimes, one has to read between lines or look at the smiley…

Right now, I am testing 2 unsupported ppas on Nautilus 3.30 and having a good time…here