Site's a bit wonky

Has anyone else noticed this? It’s on a 15.6" screen. I’ve seen it on many pages. All the blue banners (such as ‘Enable Notifications’ in this case) are appearing like this.

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Yes, reported some time ago: User selected "Text size" affects button layout in page header and Maintenance announcement - Theme update :wink:

The header seems to work as intended only with the “Normal” text size. May be that’s how the problem was missed.

I’ve reverted back to the Ubuntu theme for now.

Sorry about that, this was due to a change in which lead to a missing module. This has been resolved.

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I’m not sure how much you fixed @ya-bo-ng but as the screenshot shows there is still a problem when changing the text size. I’m using Firefox and Chromium on Ubuntu, and Safari on my iPad.

Screenshot taken when using ‘Largest’ text size.