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I would like to kick this off by asking if there is any thought given to have an entry in GNOME Setting to expose the option for showing icons on the desktop. Currently the only way to do that is with GNOME Tweak Tool and under Extensions.
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I thought Gnome killed desktop icons.

It’s just a extension

@JerareYoshi I was replying to this part. Why an enable/disable switch in core Settings for something that is not at all available in Gnome core ?

Sound like a good idea…

Ubuntu Dock is not in GNOME core and we get some options for it in GNOME Settings.

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I’ve felt the need for that sometimes. Desktop icons don’t play too well with dock auto-hiding and the only way to disable them is to remove a package that forces the uninstall of ubuntu-desktop, which is not desirable if you want the rest of your desktop and its dependencies to be updated.


To clarify, I would expect this in the Tweaks app and not the Settings app.

It’s a bit more complicated to implement because the GNOME Tweaks app currently doesn’t really directly handle any extensions options like that. It’s going to be take more developer time to build that functionality in.

(Personally, I just haven’t had the time to work on it, with my other obligations and trying to pay my bills.)


Maybe, drop the Desktop Icons system extension and add the generally available Desktop Icons extension.

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Sometimes those desktop ions don’t work/do well that’s really irrititing.

I’m following the development of Ubuntu 20.04 (proposed-updates activated) and today I’ve noticed for the first time the Appearance section into Gnome Settings:


Any chance to have Desktop Icons settings inside Appearance? :thinking:

Yaru themes, Dock-bar and Desktop Icons are the 3 exceptions/deviations from the Gnome default.
I’m super glad that settings for a couple of them are now available by default into Gnome Settings, without the need to install any extra software like Tweaks. That’s good especially for new comers.

Let’s say… Desktop Icons settings inside Appearance would be the cherry on top :smiley:


P.S. I know jbicha has already said this implementation is not that easy. If not possible it doesn’t matter. In the end to me it’s just a dconf command after a fresh installation :wink:

P.P.S. Congratulation for the grate job you are doing, Ubuntu looks great!