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It was not like that. The purpose of the idea of free software is to give better software to the users as free as possible. Ubuntu must hear the experience of the users for making the software better


Don’t forget, there are other things that deviate from stock GNOME:

  • different ALT-TAB behaviour
  • GNOME Shell theme, which you can only switch from light to dark after you have installed the ‘user themes’ extensions. And you can only do this in Tweaks.
  • max-minimize buttons on the windows, can only be reverted in Tweaks.
  • Activities hot corner is switched off, as opposed to default GNOME behaviour.

Certainly the first three of these I hope will find their way to the Appearance menu sooner or later, together with the Desktop icons.

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It was really better when Ubuntu invented and supported Unity desktop.
Which was great, functional and sometime unique.

For now Ubuntu strictly depends on ill minds of GNOME developers. Last GNOME changelogs are full of removal of features, instead of polishing existing functionality which were here for 10-20 years. So it is wrong decision to depend on GNOME desktop for enterprise grade desktop with massive user base.
And newbies are also out of comfort with GNOME. They heard somewhere that Ubuntu is cool, then went to and download default GNOME desktop which really and surprisingly does not allow to manipulate the icons on the desktop.

It is really time to change the default Ubuntu desktop to MATE which maintains desktop icons (to be on-topic) normally and traditionally by using Caja (fork of Nautilus). Otherwise Ubuntu desktop will become a broken toy with broken desktop.

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Agreed. The Unity desktop was extremely nice. Shame they abandoned it.

Market, commons, whatever. All I know is that I wont use an OS that I find ugly or unpleasant to use. Its not necessarily true that I’d jump to another Ubuntu variant or another Linux distro. I’d probably just buy a macOS laptop and call it good. Apple knows how to make an attractive, user-friendly, functional OS. Right now, Ubuntu is attractive, functional, and user friendly, but if that changes, see ya. That’s what I mean by ‘free market.’ The marketplace of ideas.

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That is what they really want. Someone needs to make gnome desktop worse than ever to switch users to some proprietary software. If not, why they removed even the basic facilities of the desktop, including the gnome global menu that makes ubuntu menu bar exactly like the mac os?

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