Rocks Public Journal 2024-03-12

:rock: What’s new?

More and better CI in chisel-releases

You’ll now find PR templates and more CI checks to help with the testing and validation of your slice definitions. We have added CLA checks and linting, and more tests will be coming. This is to ensure a more efficient and trustworthy collaboration process.

.NET 7 chiselled image no longer supported

Please make your way to either the chiselled Ubuntu for .NET6 or .NET8!

Rockcraft documentation feedback

Some of you might have seen it. But if not, we’ve put together a preliminary survey about the Rockcraft docs. We’d love for you to take 5’ to answer it and share it with your colleagues. Here’s the link:

:package: Miscellaneous

Reminder: Rocks Community meeting on the 26th!!

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