Rocks Public Journal 2024-01-29

:rock: What’s new?

The Rocks Community!

Welcome to the Rocks Community! We’re officially kickstarting this new group of container enthusiasts, and with it, this Journal will be issued on a regular basis. If you haven’t joined the community yet, please check the official page.

Chisel v0.9.0 is out!

This new version already has support for some upcoming breaking changes, so please, upgrade your Chisel version to v0.9.0 so that you don’t need to worry anymore!

Rockcraft schema support via the SchemaStore

For all Rockcraft users out there: if you use VSCode/PyCharm/… you’ll now get off-the-shelf support for rockcraft.yaml files, with syntax validation.

:package: Miscellaneous

Rockcraft’s road to ubuntu@24.04 - know all about it here.

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Stay coal!