Road to ubuntu@24.04

Ahead of the next Ubuntu LTS release, we’re planning on soon adding support for 24.04-based rocks. The initial support will adopt the following syntax:

base: ubuntu@24.04
build-base: devel

The devel value for build-base conveys the fact that this base is under constant development, so it might still change significantly in the near future. Setting this value is mandatory to opt-in to this “work in progress” behaviour.

The remainder of the timeline for support for Ubuntu 24.04 aligns with that of Ubuntu itself, defined at Noble Numbat Release Schedule - Release - Ubuntu Community Hub . At most at feature freeze, currently defined there to be February 29, 2024, Rockcraft will have a release on the beta channel which will no longer require the build-base key to be defined as devel.

On the day of Beta Freeze of Ubuntu, marked to be April 1, 2024 (UTC) the version of Rockcraft on the beta channel will migrate to the candidate channel.

Finally, on Ubuntu release day, the Rockcraft version in the candidate channel will be migrated to stable.


Update: Rockcraft 1.2.0 is now available in latest/candidate and supports the devel build-base as outlined in the original post. Please take it for a spin!