Requirements for Charmed Ceph

The requirements for Charmed Ceph are the following:

  • Juju 2.8 (or later)
  • MAAS 2.9 (or later)
  • Access to public Juju charms and the Ubuntu package archives they may require

MAAS should have the Ubuntu install images imported that correspond to a planned deployment’s specifications. Typically all stable LTS releases are imported for the architecture in use (e.g. Ubuntu 20.04 LTS for amd64). Any eventual LXD containers use an image importing mechanism internal to LXD.

For Ceph hardware recommendations see the Ceph documentation.

Nowadays, the latest stable release of MAAS is 3.1 so this section can be tweaked to accommodate more recent ones.


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Not sure I’m following the update. The current latest stable releases are:
Juju 2.9.29
MAAS 3.1

But these aren’t actual requirements right?

Going back to my initial point,

When we say MAAS 2.x is a requirement for Charmed Ceph, it sounds like MAAS 3.1 cannot be used. In reality, those numbers in the current doc are just minimal requirement and version can be “or later”. The feedback was from a person who ran into the doc for the first time just to be clear.

I understand - will update.