Rename - "Software Updater" and "Software & Updates"

Suggestion: Rename - “Software Updater” and / or “Software & Updates”

The names are too similar and both names are truncated in Gnome

Searching for “update” in Gnome - the results are “Software Upd…” and “Software & Up…”

Renaming these two could result in easier searching and could be quicker to differentiate them

Suggestions on new names:

“Software Updater” change to

“Software & Updates” change to
“Manage Software” or “Software Manager”


The issue has been reported on launchpad a while ago

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Please note that both programs were previously called, respectively, “Update Manager” and “Software Sources”.

It was a lot of work for documentation and localization volunteers to update all references to both programs when the renamings happened. Take that into account when suggesting yet another rename, please.


The ideal scenario here would be to add “Software & Updates” to the system settings. In the Gnome search view, system settings are now displayed very different from applications, which would solve the issue.

What would be needed in order to add Software & Updates to the system settings. I think @jbicha has experience with working on Gnome Control Center. @jbicha, do you know if this is feasible?

I agree, this is confusing. Just “Software” and Update Software" makes it easier to distinguish. This stands out the first time you look at the installed programs when Focal Fossa is installed.

For the record:
Maybe Changing the icon to something like this: (suggested here: Suggestion: Icon@All application: add gear to "Software & updates" ) might work before taking the time to rename or integrate.

“Software Update” and “App Store?” Or “Ubuntu Store?” Agree that the current names could cause confusion.