Suggestion: Icon@All application: add gear to "Software & updates"

This is the current screen I get when searching for “Software”:

“Running” an update and “configuring” an update looks pretty much the same with pretty much the same spell.

I suggest to add a gear for the “configuring” app, like so:
( note: this is not a final version, just to get the idea )

Maybe it would even be worth it to enable a second line for the label?


PS: I’m confused on when to use “discourse” and when to use “ubuntuforumns”. If this belongs to forums, please let me know.


The issue has already been discussed there on and is also reported on launchpad

@darktrick1337 Please post your icon improvement suggestion to Thanks!

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Posting it on github/yaru would mean, that my suggestion is a final one?

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Issues and pull requests on the Yaru repository are often used for discussion, so this does not mean your icon is final. You can create an issue there to continue the discussion and include the Yaru developers.

Just wanted to note that the Ubuntu discourse is the correct place to start a discussion about changing something in Ubuntu. Some discussions, like those about Yaru, are better continued on the bugtrackers of those projects.

Edit 2: I 100% support this proposal btw; it’s a very easy fix which will make the difference a lot clearer for users!


Thank you for the explanations!