Release Roadmap

In order to plan for new updates of the Anbox Cloud software stack, this page gives you insight into the general release cycle and planned features for the next versions of Anbox Cloud. However don’t consider the roadmap to be complete or set in stone.

Release Cycle

Anbox Cloud follows a defined release cycle with frequent minor and patch releases.

Minor releases

A new minor release of Anbox Cloud is released every three months. It includes new features and bug fixes.

Patch releases

A patch release for Anbox Cloud is released at the beginning of every month and includes Android and Chrome security updates alongside Anbox Cloud specific bug fixes.


1.8.2 (December 2020)

December security update for Android and Chrome

1.8.3 (January 2021)

January 2021 security update for Android and Chrome

1.9 (~ January 2021)

  • Out of band data allowing to send custom data from applications running inside the Android container to the client connected over WebRTC
  • Camera support in the WebRTC-based streaming protocol
  • Hardware video encoding support for Nvidia on Arm
  • Support in AMS for existing LXD clusters
  • Batch delete of sessions via the Gateway HTTP API
  • Support for multiple APKs in AMS applications

1.9.1 (February 2021)

February 2021 security update for Android and Chrome

1.10 (~ April 2021)