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Is there a reason that the suspend command is not listed here? Same with delete, purge, recover, and restart?

And if someone does add docs for suspend, it would be helpful if they would explain how to resume a suspended vm. The help (multipass suspend --help) did not offer that–and I found that restart would not work on suspended vms. At first I thought start was effectively restarting the vm, but I did some tessting that confirms indeed it’s start that resumes a suspended vm. But there’s no mention of that in the help for multipass start, either here in the docs or at the command line.

(One might wonder if multipass resume would be a worthwhile option, but I realize that’s debatable. At least if the docs and command help for suspend and start clarified things, that may suffice.)

I understand these threads are not meant as a place for tech support. :slight_smile: I’m merely sharing what seems should be added to a docs page for suspend if it’s added.

You’re right @carehart, those are misses in our documentation that we’re aware of, but didn’t manage to get to yet. The good news is that we have recently started a new push on this front and we hope to have those and other gaps filled soon.

Great to hear. Thanks.