Recommendations for optimizing the booting time

Hi everyone, so I have the following on my Ubuntu 23.04

The ones I use are caddy server, mysql, php and the hardware is this:


How can I make the boot experience faster. I have read some recommending:

  • Removing snap (But I do use postman every day and Firefox also).
  • Lowering the wait time of the network service, although I still believe that does not affect the actual time, it is just a service that waits for a state to change without affecting the rest of the boot time. I might be wrong.

What suggestions can I set so that the boot time in general becomes faster (Like Ubuntu 10.10 that was hell of a lot faster). I mean, the hardware is faster, but the booting experience is slower.

Do note the Ubuntu system is on an NVMe, this one (Which goes above 5GB/S):

from your post i learned the “systemd-analyze blame” that i didn’t know, thanks!

I can’t give you any suggestion, but I noticed that my times are usually lower. I’m on a NUC with 12th Gen i5 (i5-1240P, 8GB RAM, slower NVME): far less powerful than your system.

NetworkManager-wait-online.service is only 2.100s

but also the following are pretty faster:
64ms smartmontools.service
157ms snapd.apparmor.service
22ms systemd-binfmt.service
75ms systemd-resolved.service
48ms systemd-timesyncd.service

Just for sharing :slight_smile: I don’t know if there is a specific reason or if these data are not useful in this case.

This seems a lot like a support question.

Many similar questions are archived on AskUbuntu and UbuntuForums.

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