Reasons for not redirecting Ubuntu ISO downloads to country/regional mirrors by default?

Hello, I just discussed with the local community members regarding the local mirror services and would like to ask why the official Ubuntu OS download page doesn’t offer installation image downloads from the country/regional mirrors of the requesting user by default and only listing the mirrors as an alternative of retrieving such files?

Using the guesstimated user location’s mirror services for downloads should provide the following benefits:

  • Lower bandwidth/data cost to the Canonical website
  • Faster downloads for users in regions not in the United States or England(where the default download servers are supposed to be, according to the domain name reverse lookup result).

While it may have the following cons, which I believe is rather less problematic:

  • Lower download speed when the user’s location is wrongly guessed (one can always seek alternative mirrors to download).
  • Possibility that the mirror service redirected to is unavailable, which can be mitigated by coordination of mirror admins and service monitoring.

Can anyone managing the download service give the reasoning behind the current decision?

Thanks in advance!
林博仁(Buo-ren, Lin)

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You will need to talk to the Canonical web team about this.

Thanks for the instructions, I was originally going to post this one in Web and design but I can’t. I’ll try the GitHub issue tracker.

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It seems that the problem is already filed in the web team issue tracker: Mirror no longer receiving traffic · Issue #13343 · canonical/