QT apps do not use GNOME Titlebar or system cursor (23.10 / current early 24.04)

QT apps such as KeepassXC, Kdenlive, Elisa, etc. do not inherit the system GNOME titlebar or cursor in both 23.10 and the current 24.04 daily build. Between Kdenlive, KeepassXC and the rest of the system I get 3 different cursor styles as well. While this isn’t a barrier to using these apps, it would contribute to polish and perception if the default configuration was for a consistent visual style.

AFAIK, the titlebars are what is expected for GNOME/Wayland, which only does client-side decorations where the app('s toolkit) draws the titlebar.

As for the cursor, one question is how did you install these apps (Snap, Deb, other)?

These were deb installs on a fresh installation. Has there been a change since 22.04 in this regard? It uses native titlebars and the system cursor in wayland for me. I don’t think these QT apps utilize any form of CSD for their titlebars.

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IIRC in previous releases Qt app used XWayland unless you forced them not to. (And I think Snaps may still do so?) I haven’t personally tried a Qt app recently, but I’ve seen titlebars like that with Qt apps forced to run in Wayland on GNOME in the past. Can you confirm they are running Wayland? E.g. if you run xeyes do the eyes move when your cursor is over one of those apps’ windows?

Now that’s a trick I’ve never used :slight_smile: . It indeed looks as though in 22.04 the QT apps are xwayland. xeyes are tracking within them while not in GTK4 apps.

For the cursor, I think under X/Xwayland Qt apps would get the settings from Xsettings provided in GNOME by gnome-settings-daemon (might be a separate daemon part of that package). In Wayland they would have to read gsettings from GNOME I think? I think you can manually override Qt’s config with the right file and/or environment variable to get it to match. I think I got that to work when I was playing with Sway last year. (Sorry for all the "I think"s but I changed back to GNOME and have been only using GTKish apps recently myself.)