Proposal: GNOME Console as default terminal app

GNOME switched its recommended terminal to gnome-console for the 42 release. I propose that we include gnome-console instead of gnome-terminal by default for Ubuntu 22.10.

Brief Summary

GNOME Console is a significantly more minimal app than GNOME Terminal.

There is currently no preferences dialog, although I expect that one will need to be added to satisfy Fedora’s requests. I am hoping this is done in time for GNOME 43. Perhaps Fedora 37 would switch to GNOME Console by default then.

It supports the GNOME 42 dark style preference. The terminal area is translucent, but without an option currently to disable or customize the transparency level. GNOME Terminal no longer offers terminal transparency but Ubuntu and Fedora carry a patch to offer this feature.

GNOME Console does have a few nice improvements. It offers notifications for long-running commands (Fedora has a patch for this for gnome-terminal.). The UI changes color to red for root/sudo terminals and purple for remote/ssh terminals.

GNOME Console is currently still GTK3.

Blocker Issue

GNOME Console doesn’t open new tabs in the current tab’s working directory. I suggest that we fix this before making GNOME Console the default since it’s really frustrating for people that rely on that feature.

Other Comments

The scrollback limit is only set to 10,000 lines which may be too low. You can set a different number or disable it entirely by setting it to -1

gsettings set org.gnome.Console scrollback-lines 10000

Try It Out

gnome-console 42 (Beta 2) is available in Ubuntu 22.04 LTS if you want to try it now.

Technical details

If this proposal happens, gnome-terminal will still be available for install but will be demoted to the universe section. (Many of Ubuntu’s most popular apps are in universe). It will still be possible to remove gnome-console if you prefer to use gnome-terminal or something else and don’t want it installed at all.


Personally I’m not a fan of this, but OTOH obviously some people like it if Ubuntu and Fedora both patch gnome-terminal to include it.


I really love the possibility to have the headerbar colored in red or purple when having root privelidges or SSH access. I don’t really miss anything from gnome-terminal OTOH.

I would prefer this because it uses libhandy, it gives a notification when a command is done, and most importantly it can follow the system theme.

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Does G-C have a Nautilus integration “Open in terminal” ?

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sudo apt install nautilus-extension-gnome-console

If we go ahead with this proposal, we’ll make sure that gets installed by default instead of the gnome-terminal version.


Don’t know about nautilus, but Desktop Icons NG (DING) uses the gsettings key “default terminal” to open a terminal, so as long as we set it there, there should be no problem in the desktop part.

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Even though it has already been answered, this one is a great article to replace gnome-terminal with gnome-console on ubuntu 22.04

(you don’t even need to uninstall it :slight_smile: )

We need a yaru icon for it though :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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install gnome-console … but the icon says ‘console’ and to start it use ‘kgx’ ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ???

the icon says ‘console’


and to start it use ‘kgx’ ?

Yes, the binary is currently /usr/bin/kgx


Note that GIO has a list of explicitly supported terminal emulators for launching .desktop files with Terminal=true. kgx is currently not in it.

Also, it currently ignores the user’s preferred terminal emulator for aesthetic technical reasons (glib/gio shouldn’t depend on desktop gschemas).

Yes, we patch glib to allow launching terminal “apps” with kgx/gnome-console.

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Note that GIO has a list of explicitly supported terminal emulators for launching .desktop files with Terminal=true. kgx is currently not in it.

Mmmm… I would put the terminal and command list in an array…

I just tried the new Gnome Console, and even though I like the red bar to indicate the use of root privileges, the fact that it is forcing a translucent background with no way of customisation whatsoever results really annoying for me when using the console during a long period.

I think it’s still early to adopt it as default, considering as well that there is no user-friendly way for people who miss the functionality of the old terminal to go back to that one as a default.


Well, maybe not. Since Gnome-Terminal is not a core app anymore it could switch back to its old Gnome stock icon and Console could switch to the Yard one. Keeping the icon would help with a seamless transition.

If Console switches to the aubergine Ubuntu look, I hope that this look is supplemental to the GNOME dark one and not replacing it. It is the first thing that I do when installing Ubuntu: switch to a dark solarized theme.

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We should definitely ship an alias for the new ones:
gnome-console for kgx
gted for gnome-text-editor

I see me opening text files very often and would love a short command for that, while starting a new console is more of a rarer usecase. is the Phoronix story covering this proposal BTW.

Please file bugs for those alias requests. File in Debian and/or Launchpad. (I don’t think GNOME was very interested.)


GNOME Console 43 was ported to GTK4 and there are regressions. With Feature Freeze only a few days away, the Ubuntu Desktop team has decided to keep using GNOME Terminal as the default terminal app for Ubuntu 22.10.

Thank you all for your input. This gives us more time to improve the Console app. I encourage you to file bugs for any other issues you find.