Prometheus metrics

To see how to deploy a monitoring stack in Anbox Cloud, refer to the instructions for deploying Grafana. Those instructions will take you through the installation Prometheus and Grafana.

The base installation provides basic dashboards. You can however update them to fit your needs. Below is the list of all metrics returned to Prometheus by each component of Anbox Cloud.


Metrics prefixed with ams_cluster_ give information about the Anbox management system (AMS). They keep you informed about the status of your cluster.

Name Description
ams_cluster_nodes_total Number of nodes in the cluster
ams_cluster_applications_total Number of applications
ams_cluster_containers_total Number of containers currently in the cluster
ams_cluster_container_boot_time_seconds_count Number of container boot time measured
ams_cluster_container_boot_time_seconds_sum Sum of all container boot times. Can be used to compute the average boot time
ams_cluster_container_boot_time_seconds_bucket Container boot times bucket. Can be used for alerting when above a threshold. See the Prometheus documentation for more information
ams_cluster_containers_per_application_total Number of containers per application
ams_cluster_containers_per_status_total Number of containers per container status
ams_cluster_available_cpu_total Total CPUs available in each worker node
ams_cluster_used_cpu_total Used CPUs in each worker node
ams_cluster_available_memory_total Total memory available in each worker node
ams_cluster_used_memory_total Used memory in each worker node

Anbox Stream Gateway

Metrics prefixed with anbox_stream_gateway_ give you information on your cluster related to streaming: number of sessions, agents, etc.

Name Description
anbox_stream_gateway_sessions_total Total number of sessions, categorized by status
anbox_stream_gateway_accounts_total Total number of accounts
anbox_stream_gateway_agents_total Number of active and unresponsive agents

WebRTC metrics

Metrics prefixed with webrtc_ give you detailed insight of the WebRTC protocol for every streaming instance.
See the official W3C reference for more information.

Name Description
webrtc_frames_encoded Total number of frames successfully encoded
webrtc_key_frames_encoded Total number of key frames, such as key frames in VP8 or IDR-frames in H.264. webrtc_key_frames_encoded - webrtc_frames_encoded will give you the number of delta frames
webrtc_total_encode_time Total number of seconds that has been spent encoding the webrtc_frames_encoded frames. The average encode time can be calculated by dividing this value with webrtc_frames_encoded
webrtc_target_bitrate Reflects the current encoder target in bits per second
webrtc_bytes_sent Total number of bytes sent for a specific SSRC (a SSRC represents one resource sent over a WebRTC track. It can be video, audio or binary data)
webrtc_retransmitted_bytes_sent The total number of bytes that were retransmitted for a specific SSRC, only including payload bytes
webrtc_retransmitted_packets_sent The total number of packets that were retransmitted for a specific SSRC
webrtc_total_packet_send_delay The total number of seconds that packets have spent buffered locally before being transmitted onto the network
webrtc_packets_sent Total number of RTP packets sent for this SSRC. This includes retransmissions
webrtc_nack_count Count the total number of Negative ACKnowledgement (NACK) packets received by this sender
webrtc_fir_count Only exists for video. Count the total number of Full Intra Request (FIR) packets received by this sender
webrtc_pli_count Only exists for video. Count the total number of Picture Loss Indication (PLI) packets received by this sender
webrtc_sli_count Only exists for video. Count the total number of Slice Loss Indication (SLI) packets received by this sender