Progress on Yaru as default for Cosmic (18.10)

You know what this is?

Of course, this the Yaru theme, but it’s running on my Cosmic install, as the default theme in the default ubuntu session!

Yaru-theme is already available in cosmic.

To get it by default, everything is ready, the set of patch (settings the correct themes by default, ensure our ubuntu GNOME Shell mode picks the Yaru G-S theme, setting it as a default to gdm, installing the right set of packages on the default iso and for upgraders) is available here: Bug #1783571 “Set Yaru as default” : Bugs : yaru-theme package : Ubuntu.

However, we need first to have the Main Inclusion Request approved which is opened at Bug #1783600 “[MIR] yaru-theme” : Bugs : yaru-theme package : Ubuntu.
As soon as this is proceeded, expect the theme to land as default really soon :slight_smile:


Wow! Great news! :dancing_women:


Nice work team and friends :slight_smile:


Huge congratulations to all and a massive thank you for all your work, care and attention.
You guys are the epitome of community.

From the comments I’ve seen around the web over the last few days people really getting behind the new theme. Thanks for giving Ubuntu a beautiful new look.


@didrocks @frederik-f @c-lobrano
Great news indeed but meanwhile my snap for communitheme on 18.04 is broken. I can select it in GDM but it’s no longer there in tweaks to select.
Can you reproduce it?
Edit : Scrolling in tweaks, I found Yaru, but the GK2 THEME is not hooked to it.

It was still working for me yesterday. My machine isn’t relevant anymore though a standard one. My bet is that you mixed the global and local installation via meson. You shouldn’t have Yaru but only Communitheme on 18.08 if you only use the snap.

I’ll let other confirm.

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It was all well for me yesterday as well and today, At the last 30 minutes it suddenly changed .

The only changes yesterday are packaging related, not snap or upstream code itself:

Maybe try to revert to older version of snaps, like stable release or revision based and see if that fixes to pinpoint when the regression started for you?

That exactly the time it’s suddenly changed :

refreshed to stable : - No yaru/back to communitheme.

Does it mean no edge for me from now on?

Found the issue and fixed it:


Popescu Sorin already uploaded the video of Ubuntu 18.10 with Yaru:


I can confirm it fixed for me, Thanks @merlijn-sebrechts ! :+1:

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@merlijn-sebrechts: nice finding! So, the deprecation notice commits created it :stuck_out_tongue: well done!


@didrocks just curious: how does ubiquity looks with yaru? Or will the new installer hit in 18.10 already?

Yaru in 18.10 in default will be delivered in snap or deb?

@frederik-f: I didn’t try it, it’s always hard apart from someone testing on a live to test ubiquity on an installed machine. Either someone is curious enough to try right now in a live session, install the debs and starts ubiquity or we wait for it to land as default. I don’t have personally the time for this this week :slight_smile:

@ognehod: it’s a deb for Cosmic, the snap version is only for 18.04 right now.

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Maybe we could use a dedicated issue on github or here but for the first impressions here we go =D
I think most things just work, except the modal dialog


I think most things just work, except the modal dialog

That happens in every single theme, not just Yaru; please file a bug against ubiquity, but they might ignore it as they’re looking to rebuild its front-end entirely, because if there is one thing programmers love is to throw mature codebases away.

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Well our next target is 18.10 now. And I think the electron installer won’t be ready until then. So we need to check how it looks with yaru.
Also: I don’t like that “old vs new” stuff :slight_smile: ZzZz

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Neither does Joel Spolsky :stuck_out_tongue: