Progress on Yaru as default for Cosmic (18.10)


What will be the colour of desktop folder icon on Yaru theme (Ubuntu 18.10) ?. Purple or Orange?.

Neither does Joel Spolsky

That was a good read - I do believe he was wrong about Netscape Mozilla/Firefox. That browser turned out pretty good!

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I’m not sure this can be said generally. He probably needed content for another article. I bet there are several examples were a rewrite was the better decision. For example if the code is incredibly big in line numbers and super crappy because there were several IT companies involvded in the project and maybe already left and every programmer used his own methods and classes. :man_shrugging:

And using a different UI/client (when we talk about the installer) is pretty convenient and isn’t exactly writing everything from scratch which would also be a rewrite of the server/backend

He’s speaking from experience - You’re still a young programmer. Let’s talk in 25 years, and see if your view has changed. :wink:


I hope I don’t code anymore in 25 years.

Regardless, you’ll be a mature coder then with that experience.

Sorry but your posts are becoming a bit weird.

Anyways, let’s use a dedicated issue for ubiquity.

I hope I don’t code anymore in 25 years. And thanks for highjacking the thread again! :man_facepalming:

You mean as weird as the reply you sent me yesterday? I wasn’t the one that hijacked your thread although I contributed to it, just as you did. So, I guess this is a case of the pot calling the kettle black. Anyway I’m done from this thread and will unsubscribe from it. Default Theme-ing [branding] isn’t something I care about.


It’s not my thread. Yet you enter again a discussion to tell some tales of the good old times. Those posts are as productive as a hair in the toilet, sorry. If you don’t care about the new theme why do you start your modem and reply? I just don’t get it.

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I’m getting used to have the Desktop as Aubergine personnally. I’m more annoyed by the whole trash/rubbish bin icon being blue. If anyone want to do a PR proposing changing it… :slight_smile:


Yes, the rubbish bin is the only downgrade in a much improved new icon set. It is not only the out of place blue, it looks square and clunky.

While we wait for the new electron based installer, how about giving ubiquity some love?
I’ve been looking at the table/phone installer and that aubergine design would fits with the new Yaru login screen, GRUB and the terminal.


I know that ubiquity is used in Ubuntu Mate, Kubuntu and so on, so I’m unsure how much these changes will affect them. Perhaps @Wimpress knows?

Please @mpt, @Carla, @karlos and @ya-bo-ng share your thoughts?

I tried not to move any of the GTK elements.






Good news guys - the ubiquity devs are awesome, there is basically a style ID for everything:

Screenshot from 2018-07-30 16-14-47

Screenshot from 2018-07-30 16-13-52

(that’s not a rebuild of mads mockup yet =) just to give some good news)

Edit: progress so far:



Can we keep the thread on-topic without all the chat - thanks.


Just gonna say real quick that I dislike the idea of making the content not match the titlebar color when it’s still gtk and not web content. Could we maybe use aubergine elements in another way?

Let’s jump back into the big thread and/or ubiquity github issue (

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FYI, we are cutting a 18.10.1 release right now so that we have a landing prepared with the new GNOME Shell version. It’s also one step toward (with the gdm alternative bumped) towards getting it installed by default :slight_smile:


Will there be option to switch between theme in Cosmic without the use of GNOME Tweaks?

No, I’m pretty sure there won’t, looking at this comment.

…Remember as well that there is no UI in GNOME by default to support theme, and this is deliberate. Us, adding the extra switch, will include again more maintainance cost, deriving from upstream…

I’m not sure what would happen if you installed another theme as a snap (if any were available) :thinking: