Poll: Redesign of Launchpad elements

The layout of some Launchpad elements was modified. As a Launchpad user, do you consider them an improvement? Feel free to add comments to elaborate.


-> Old version, more compact <-

-> New version, less compact <-

Other sample pages with occurrences of tables: 1, 2.

Top level tabs:

-> Old version <-

-> New version <-

Do you prefer the old or new table format?
  • Old, more compact
  • New, less compact
  • Indifferent/Unsure

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Do you prefer the old or new tabs format?
  • Old, more compact
  • New, less compact
  • Indifferent/Unsure

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In general, would Launchpad benefit from a redesign with a less compact layout?
  • Yes
  • No
  • Unsure/Too broad question

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  1. File to reproduce old table layout, essentially a reversal of this merge request.
  2. Source of old tabs layout images.

Kind of a tangent, not trying to derail your question. I’m not a heavy user, but I like everything I’ve seen in the redesign except in bug pages the Bug Description font size is a lot larger than other text on the page, including the comment font size (which uses the size set for body). Enough that I made a userstyle (for Stylus) to shrink the description size.

Screenshot 2023-10-18 at 08.57.34

I had never noticed that difference. Was that a reasonably recent change you noticed, or has it been “always” like that? Might be worth reporting it to Launchpad.

Good idea to report (2039696). I’m pretty sure it changed around when the tab design changed. I think the whole body size went up – it used to be super tiny – but the description got extra big. (I’m a heavy user of browser zoom to get page fonts to the “right” size so I tend to notice size changes.)

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The translation pages are now exaggeratedly spaced out…

Do you mean the page with all the languages list or the list of translations in a single language?

So that is one of my concerns. One layout could be fine in a context with less items but sub-optimal in another, e.g. a short list of packages (as in the picture) versus a long list of packages.

Sounds like you need to install Stylus and create a userstyle for Launchpad:

table.listing th, 
table.listing td {padding: 0;}

The padding now is .5rem, so if it’s too tight at 0, try .25rem or something until you get it how you like :smiley:

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The individual translation pages.