Patch Pilot Hand-off 24.10

Hello, fellow Patch Pilots and Ubuntu community members,

This post serves as the official hand-off for the Patch Pilot Program for the 24.10 cycle. The purpose of this thread is to ensure continuity in our program, keeping operations smooth and contributors supported. Whether you’ve just wrapped up a piloting session or are gearing up for your session, this space ensures that no detail gets lost in the shuffle. If you are interested in what is going on, you can subscribe to this post.

:warning: Please reserve responses in this thread ONLY to hand-off reports. If you have a question as a contributor please check with the current patch pilot. If you need a clarification from the last pilot please reach out to them separately. If you have a more general question please create a new topic in this category.

To the incoming pilot: please take a moment to review the updates from the previous session. It provides the context you’ll need to pick up where they left off. When writing your own report, please include the following headlines:

  • Notable Achievements
  • Important Context
  • Notable Contributors (tag them if you know their discourse username)
  • Program Improvements (anything that you think needs documenting or otherwise improving)

Links: Latest hand-off post | Previous cycle hand-off

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  • pdl LP: #2064773 reviewed and sponsored
  • glibc / roc-hipamd MP 464058 based on comment #22 in LP: #2032624, I marked the MP ‘Needs information’
  • fail2ban LP :#2055114 nothing to sponsor, marked incomplete and unsubscribed ubuntu-sponsors
  • There was a request on irc for someone to retry riscv64 builds in Oracular that failed without logs. I found 449 builds, mostly riscv64, but also a handful on other architectures, and gave them all back. I also reported this to Launchpad Team.
  • apprise LP: #2064944 already sync’d, unsubscribed ubuntu-sponsors
  • prime-phylo LP: #2064945 already sync’d, unsubscribed ubuntu-sponsors
  • update-manager LP: #1772486 / MP 465575 needs a changelog entry, left a comment in the MP
  • python-requests-unixsocket LP: #2065020 reviewed and sponsored
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Today I worked in LIFO order, here are the uploads sponsored:

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Did a relatively short and uneventful session. Not a whole lot of uploads.

Processed sync requests, after verifying that the Ubuntu delta can actually be dropped:

Other sponsored uploads:

  • community member asked to retry the builds for chr/0.1.78-1, and the new attempt worked
  • LP: #2060976: DEP8 test for freerdp2. Left review comments.
  • LP: #2063260 MP: suggested to file it against debian because the package is a sync. Gave instructions on how to file a bug or MP there
  • LP: #2058914: MP needs to be resubmitted for the noble release, and SRU paperwork needs to be filed. That does not prevent a first pass review, though, which I did.
  • LP: #1097467: sponsored for oracular, this unfortunately missed noble
  • LP: #2058045: request from upstream to update lighttpd to a new upstream version. Explained in a comment why we don’t do that ahead of debian, and gave pointers to the SRU process.
  • LP: #2061954: filezilla crash. Updated test plan in the SRU template, and sponsored for noble (that makes me illegible for its sru review, btw).