Patch Pilot Hand-off 24.10

Well, that was an interesting shift. I ended up working on sosreport only.

I started looking at the first bug in the queue, which had lots of history and led me to the last bug in the queue :slight_smile:

After working my way through the long history of that, I sponsored it for Oracular, Noble, Mantic, Jammy & Focal, after some tiny fixes.

That finally allowed me to sponsor that tiny sosreport fix for Bionic from the first item, too:

Both sosreport items are now handled and Sponsors unsubscribed.

So long, and thanks to @arif-ali for the IRC assistance!

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  • LP: #2069060 - fixed changelog version and sponsored
  • LP: #2070171 gave a recommendation for a more long term fix
  • LP: #2070186 Created a PPA and tested the new autopkgtest, requested a more descriptive changelog

I bluntly went through the queue in chronological order to avoid getting things too stale, only skipping items that were last commented by a potential uploader.

I continued where @schopin stopped going from old to newer. I reached 2024-06-17. So leaving the green and white entries to the next one.

I continued from where @bdrung stopped, and I was able to do the following:

  • node-yarnpkg FTBFS fix: I did some adjustments myself and sponsored the upload.
  • python3.10 SRU: I felt we still need some test cases in the proposed patch before we move on. Added a comment stating so.
  • python-oslo.messaging SRU: The proposed changes look good but the version string seems weird to me. Asked the rationale behind that and also proposed a new version string which seems more sensible to me.
  • jsxgraph FTBFS fix: Disapproved this MP since the bug was fixed by the Debian maintainer and the fixed version was already sync’ed into Ubuntu.

Today I’ve spent my time making the sponsorship report better.

Unfortunately just running the script takes about an hour, so working on it is burdensome. I have multiple branches that are mostly ready but testing and iterating on minor polishing issues is extremely slow. While waiting, I started a performance branch that approximately doubles the report generation speed. But I’m still waiting for it to run to finish testing it!


Useful context:

  • The wsdd uploads look good, and looks like the patches can be applied at the same time, making it a single upload.
  • gobi-loader LP: #2071459 already sponsored, unsubscribed ubuntu-sponsors
  • nagios-plugins-contrib MP 468627 already fixed by a merge from Debian unstable, marked Disapprove
  • joyent-mdata-client MP 467487 reviewed and sponsored
  • python-cramjam MP 467617 reviewed and sponsored
  • cura-engine MP 468332 reviewed and sponsored
  • lshw MP 468665 reviewed and sponsored
  • LP: #1854588 – reviewed, targetted, added SRU template, and uploaded Andreas’ packaging for oracular
  • LP: #2034648 – optee-os-s32 – read through history; still pending response to Löic’s review
  • LP: #2065086 – pending reponse to Simon and Andreas’ reviews
  • LP: #2065127 – awaiting response to Simon’s review (merge may not be required)
  • LP: #2069036 – reviewed, will sponsor later this evening

LP: #2034648 - unsubscribed for now as this is pending work by the sponsoree - confirmed result that this merge is not needed. synced package instead.
LP: #2024258 - needs clarification about status in noble + devel series before SRUing to earlier LTSes. updated bug.
LP: #2067672 - SRU sponsored to noble with block-proposed-noble.