Northern Ireland inclusion

With my NI hat on, & perhaps a little off topic so apologies, - is the LoCo just covering UK (Britian, with or without NI), with a separate one (currently or in future) for Ireland? Personally I dont have a problem with using the Union flag in the logo, but others might voice a loud objection…


Chris very good point. We have moved the LoCo logo design topic over to this link here LoCo LoGo DoJo - #4 by Ernmander

But yes you raise an extremely good point. I would hope the LoCo will include NI too.

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I think this is an excellent question. While we all know UK includes NI, England, Wales and Scotland, there was (some while back) an attempt to build an Ubuntu Cymru dedicated team.

I think there’s no problem if each of the constituent countries want to do this, and indeed it may even make more sense. For example, the Ubuntu Cymru team might focus on Welsh translations, and the NI group may focus on regional-specific things I am unaware of (as a non NI person).

All that said, we have precious few people stepping up to organise things over the years, so it might be worth doing everything under “UK” until we get a critical mass in certain locations.

I don’t know. Happy to hear more opinions.


I concur! I can see this question coming up in other regions where there are certain language or cultural differences. Perhaps sub teams that operate under a given umbrella regional LoCo team?

Beyond that, many countries (or even US states for that matter) are also quite geographically large so having those sub teams might help with LoCo adoption.

Would also love to hear what the community thinks?


This is definitely a topic that needs discussion. @popey has a point, currently there are very few volunteers at the moment. So it could be worth doing everything under the UK for now. @aaronprisk makes a good point of creating sub LoCo’s which makes sense. Until we get more volunteers in we won’t know how to gauge it. Cymru, Scotland, Northern Ireland or Ireland as a whole, then England could be separate LoCo’s in future.

We need more bods in here first I think. I agree with @popey and work under UK LoCo till we get a critical mass at other UK countries.

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If there isn’t already a Ubuntu Ireland LoCo, I’d be in favour of a slight rebranding/rename from Ubuntu UK to Ubuntu UK & Ireland? And/or making it clear Irish/Isle of Man/Channel Islands folks are welcome too! :slight_smile:

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Everybody in UK is definitely welcome :slightly_smiling_face: It will be made clear that is the case when everything is up and running.

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Once I’ve proposed a solution for another similar case but in another country: the national LoCo should be a federation of regional LoCo, where all the regional LoCo teams would be equally represented, and where they can share resources and make national activities, without having one region have all the power.

I still think it’s a good idea, but if it fits, or not the case, is up for those involved to decide.


Thank you @diogoconstantino for this great insight.

Aloha with both my Irish and English hats on :slight_smile: I can tell you there was a very active Ireland LoCo up to a few years ago, predominately out of Dublin but did span across the little island where folks from other areas did come to Dublin for monthly meetings. It did fizzle out a bit but there is an active OSS scene in Dublin and I think they’d be only to happy to have folks from NI be part of it if they wished.

Outside of Geographic locos, I think any and all encouragement to have folks engaging more and having discussions like this is great to see and a great way to work out ways in which we can have an active community so great topic to bring up :slight_smile:
( formally of the Irish loco now over in England )


Thank you Laura for your fabulous insight. Definitely looking forward to see how our community progresses :slight_smile: