"No desktop icons" already arrived in 19.04?

Has the “no desktop icons” option already come to Ubuntu 19.04, even with Nautilus 3.26?

What do you want to know? If Nautilus 3.30 was promoted to release already? No it wasn’t, it still waits in proposed: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/disco/+package/nautilus

Nautilus 3.26 hasn’t been touched by a developer since November, so nothing should have changed lately by just updating.

It is 19.04, so explain the screeny.
Where is the standard right click menu of Nautilus 3.26 run desktop gone?

Keep in mind 19.04 is still actively worked on daily. There will be many changes to come.

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That’s understood. I’m always on the “rolling” distros.
Just wondering why Nautilus 3.30 is not there, but its options are already in with Nautilus 3.26. Maybe, its time to watch for 3.30.4 to arrive…

When I consider your recent post history (where you describe running many different desktops), I think the issue is simply that you aren’t using the default Ubuntu desktop.

The upstream GNOME default has been to not show desktop icons; that hasn’t changed since GNOME 3.0. Ubuntu overrides that for the Ubuntu sessions only. (Some desktops like Budgie maintain their own overrides in a separate package.)


I run many different Ubuntu desktops and Openbox in separate partitions. This happened twice on default Ubuntu desktop, uninstalled it both times. The screeny above is from gnome desktop, installed before uninstalling ubuntu-session.

The GNOME sessions are not default Ubuntu sessions.


Reinstalled Ubuntu few hours ago, and now,

Are you sure? I just installed a fresh copy of Ubuntu 19.04 daily build and I have desktop icons. I don’t have proposed repo enabled. Did you do a fresh install with blank Home directory (without and config files from previous


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The current image as of 01-04 uses nautilus 1:3.26.4-0ubuntu9 which supports the desktop inc. icons, ect.
Default is to show trash.
The 3.30.x in proposed doesn’t support the desktop at all.
The desktop-icons gs ext. does to some extent, Default is to show trash & home. It does not (and likely won’t?) support exec on binaries or any type of .desktop files… (- which would render examples.desktop moot…

Of course, I am. No proposed repo enabled.

As you see, the Trash icon is not there.
You don’t see the Ubuntu Dock or the top panel in the screeny, as I have D2P extension installed, btw.

Got tired of this problem with Nautilus, so looked for a way to uninstall it. Interestingly, even after uninstalling Nautilus, the desktop was still running by it. No desktop icons as before.

Don’t like Gdm3, never did, so installed Lightdm and Slick greeter. Still running Ubuntu, not gnome-session, as seen below…Ubuntu Wayland runs too.

Needed a flle manager, so installed Nemo 4.0.6 and set it to run the desktop.

Thanks to @mc3man, @YamiYukiSenpai, @manbutu for the Nemo install ideas, and the guy, who created Nemo.

Let’s see how it works out as 19.04 grows. Right now, I am not worrying about “take-away-all-user-options” madness or whether Ubuntu would find a way out of it. Going to keep this install until the first release day of 19.10 development daily.

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Nothing has particularly changed . That little black menu on r. click is simply just some shortcuts to Settings, nothing to do with nautilus. It’s what anyone would see if handling the Desktop is disabled (i.e, no desktop icons.
So at the start of this thread you somehow disabled the Desktop, nothing more…, not the current default as of today’s image.

In Ubuntu 18.04 with the old nautilus 3.26 you can easily remove the icons with gnome tweaks

Started afresh - post 8

Whatever happenned, it is nice it happenned, which allowed me to uninstall Nautilus. Anyway, Nemo is there now without any other “default” file manager around. Simply installed Nemo from Tessa repo to get 4.0.6.

Desktop is working, for everything is working. It is Ubuntu without Ubuntu dock and the other extension. I manually deleted them – not uninstalled – and blocked them from getting reinstalled. And, without Nautilus. My installation now is an interesting subject to keep an eye on, to see what happens with the upgrades. I don’t expect much change in the Ubuntu base, though.

Yes, its nice to be able to use a mixture of good apps from different distros/DEs, without being stuck to a “DE” and not having to keep the “default” apps on the side, even if you don’t want to use them. I had that freedom only with Openbox, but somehow, it appears that it can be achieved with default Ubuntu. I really like this situation.

The idea is to get as much as possible options than losing any.

I would really strongly recommend switching to Kubuntu if you want to maximize user options. GNOME is not aiming to do this (it’s aiming to be more minimalistic) and so, yes, the Ubuntu (GNOME) session could lose ‘user options’ in the future. You can continue to workaround it if you wish (Ubuntu will work around some of the defaults - AppIndicator support, Dash to Dock (with less options), desktop icons option, Yaru) and argue for the defaults to be changed but you’ll likely be rebuffed. I thought in Ubuntu 18.10, though, that there is desktop icons by default? So a fresh installation of Ubuntu Disco not having desktop icons is a bug. In fact, the bug should be reported against Files (ubuntu bug nautilus) because Files is still version 3.26.4 on Ubuntu Disco.

Thank you!

D2D would always have more options, and D2P even more. Have look at the 3rd pic in in #14. It is D2P. All extensions are freely available here, so anyone can install any of them – no argument, just play!

Should be done, if someone wants to use the “new/er” Nautilus, I don’t. Anyway, Nautilus 3.26.4 won’t be there too long.

Now, the defaults are Nemo 4.0.6, Geany, Tilix, Slick Greeter and few others. It is still Ubuntu (and Ubuntu on Wayland) as you’d notice in pic 2 in post 14. Of course, someone can “argue” that it is not (no Ubuntu dock, no top panel), but I’m OK with it.

I just want to see how long my install would hold on with the upgrades. Survived 3 of them.

No-Nautilus ubuntu-session is doing pretty well for last 6 days, and also with no-default theme and icons. Survived all daily updates.

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