New ubuntu-unity iso

Of course the open dash shortcut :slight_smile:

By the way I kinda like nautilus. I don’t understand why is it a thing to change it. I don’t know maybe others have better support for desktop things? I always thought that desktop should remain as a wallpaper or a color and never used widgets, folders or icons on desktop and I never will.

I like to use my desktop as the work place, so sometimes, some folders and files are there, and once I finish working, they are taken off and the desktop is cleared. A desktop is the easiest place to work on in any place in the world, I suppose. :slight_smile:

Nautilus, of course is good, the old one. So, Nemo.

Good for you if you are able to do so. In the old times when I used the desktop in windows my desktop became a mess in a very short time. And as I see others around me I am not the only one with this :slight_smile: So I better place “temporary” files some organized folder not just put them to the desktop :slight_smile:

For me the desktop is the best place to work on. I don’t keep icons there, only the working stuff, and once finished, the desktop is clean. Just like my desk at home/work.
I like apps to have more and more features/abilities, not like pseudo Windows 8. :slight_smile:

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I tried to go down this route, but the rubbish bin icon on the panel wouldn’t work

Here’s the rubbish bin. It is working, and the Unity distro now is with eoan. It is still the new Ubuntu-Unity iso, the newest. :slight_smile:

rubbish bin

It sort of make a flip and fly in – Compiz stuff. And, the open apps move gracefully around the screen, again because of Compiz. You can’t get that gracefulness with Gnome-shell.


I appreciate that you had posted your testing result with us. I found very useful information here. Thanks for sharing your expert’s knowledge.

Unity eXPerience -


Hola rauldipeas! First thanks for your energy and effort invested in Unity, the best DE imho! <3

I was trying to install your latest iso on my usb with multisystem ( ) and it failed - saying not supported iso.

When i tried your iso in Virtualbox all works great.

Just informing not complaining!

Thanks again!

Thank’s for the feedback!

I’ll check this method and try to fix it soon.

You could user Etcher, that was tested and works very well.

Any suggestions are welcome!

Hey Raul,

i have downloaded Etcher, after checking more your site. I will try it soon.

The thing is ‘Multisystem’ allows install multiple isos on the same usb (multiple platforms).

But f* it this is not that important in our Unity dimension!

Muito obrigado novamente - você está realizando meus sonhos <3

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iminlovewith UNITY

  • Unity desktop environement besides its epic name is the most sofisticated way how to work and manage desktop

-i totaly understand and respect axing Unity by Canonical

-but the hard truth is that nothing can match Unity de!

  • there is really nothing even close to Unity!

imho the Unity is absolutelly the best way to work with the flow

common sense is Unity

-honestly I tried almost every de but nothing can be compared and match the simplicity and intuitiveness of Unity!

and by the way do yo really want to work and function without Unity?

i just installed ubuntu 19.10 with unity 7 and i have never been happier

i want to thank everyone who worked and created this amazing experience!

Finally and specially i want to express deep respect and graitude to those who are still developing, supporting and using Unity!


Hey Raul and everybody connected to Unity DE!

Last week I finally installed Raul’s Unity Experience on my work-production laptop and I have to say, holy moly OMG! Unity on steroids! This is the way :wink: This is the best xmas gift ever, thank you Raul and everybody who in any way made Unity possible! <3

All works as it should, fast AF with next level appearance (themes, icons, cursors).

Workspaces and window management is more precise and faster compared to Unity running on Ubuntu 19.10. or any version before!

I’m not personally big fan of dark themes, but that’s no biggie here! Unity Tweak Tool and CCSM are present!

Honestly I still can’t catch my breath :slight_smile: this is imho so far the best Unity Experience so far!

Again deep respect and gratitude to all Unity developers, maintainers and users!

The only thing I personally feel is that the current app selection/setup is not for mainstream users. As example, I don’t know how to disable VSCodium to automatically open new drives/partitions (Veracrypt). I want to use just Nemo.
Can somebody help me with this? When I uninstalled VSCodium, I had to reinstall whole system.

What I wish and pray for is that there will be soon official Ubuntu Unity flavour!

I feel that the Raul’s Unity eXPerience is for now the best Unity DE platform/ Unity flavor!

Thank you Raul, and all Unity developers and maintainers! <3

Unity DE is the best shit ever! It changed my life - I can’t go back and use something more complicated and … :slight_smile:


Hi everybody! I really would like to test Raoul’s ISO but i can’t find it, and unity Xp website is no longer online. Could you please share a link? What about making this an official flavour?

Hey! Yes unfortunately , Raul’s and his GitHub has disappeared :frowning:

I’ve already asked Raul why and what is going on. He should reply by email.

Yeah i think this could easily became the official Unity flavor foundation!

Unity at it’s best <3

Any news by Raul? What about the Unity Remix Flavour?

A Unity based distro would appear, if everything would work with Unity DE in 20.04 in the near future.


Raul abandoned the project due to the lack of people using it.

No, I don’t think so. But, on the other hand, not everyone speaks/reads Portuguese, even through Uncle Google.

About what? Raul? He made a post on the Diolinux forum talking about the discontinuation of the Remix he was doing, he even asked for volunteers to help him maintain the project, but he ended up discouraged by the lack of mobilization and gave up.

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