New ubuntu-unity iso

The guy is asking for money…and, the work is done by others. It is not a big deal to create the iso…free. The new Ubuntu-unity live installable iso (19.04) will be here in time, and without buying some guy “a coffee!”

The problem with the mini iso is that it doesn’t do UEFI, which is a big problem.

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True, you need to have an mbr computer to install it. You can use the server variant, which does UEFI. Withe the server variant, you’d have to uninstall some unnecessary stuff.

You use the mini iso or the server variant to install Unity plus whatever needed to get a leaner/cleaner install. You an, of course use Xubuntu or “older” Lubuntu and uninstall what’s not needed, after installing Unity.

The previous ISO we had used normal Ubuntu’s installer but installing unity instead. That would work this time around just fine I reckon.

I am now working on resolving this. Currently an 19.04 ubuntu daily.

Hopefully up by tomorrow.

18.04.1 may follow.

@chanath @dale-f-beaudoin

I have created a wiki for minimal unity installation from netboot/mini.iso. Take a look.


Change the link, to this. Also, this is only for mbr systems. Maybe, have a look at this post about mini iso on UEFI systems. Also, maybe better give the step by step instructions on how to install.

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Thanks for links.

Why ? The wiki is for all supported version (>= 18.04).

I will put those links in the wiki, but I won’t put step-by-step installation there. The purpose of that wiki is to install minimal unity and create ubuntu-unity iso from there.

I am talking about the netboot link in the wiki. It is dead.

I was thinking of 19.04, not really interested in 18.04. And, what about adding unity7 maintainers ppa?

The link is fixed now.

Thank you for this minimal install tutorial. I used that for my system not for iso creation.

In sublime text I didn’t have the global menu, libatk-adaptor fixed that.
(interestingly after I removed that package global menu still works, so it should be some config file left on my system)

I also added indicator-applet for network indicator

Two typos in wiki:
here an s missing at the end:
apt-get install xfonts-100dpi xfonts-75dpi xfonts-base xfonts-scalable xfonts-util
and here:
sudo apt-get install apt-get install libgl1-mesa-dri mesa-utils

Thank you!

Yes, libatk-adaptor installs /etc/X11/Xsession.d/90-atk-adaptor which adds gail & atk-bridge to GTK_MODULES env variable. Without it installed env | grep GTK_MODULES should give

GTK_MODULES=unity-gtk-module but it does not. However after installing it it gives


I guess some apps depend on that variable whether to export menus or not and hence fails. Though it shouldn’t be. I will update that in the wiki.

Thanks. Fixed now.

Since 19.04 I also have this issue with opening dash with super key (tried f10 with same effect) when no application is running, the dash does not open. Tested in virtualbox, and natively on a hp laptop.
Is there any solution for this since?

UPDATE: I found out that if I install the nemo package that somehow solves this issue. I hope this helps find out what the problem is. @khurshid-alam ? (I am still on the minimal ubuntu setup)

Super key works for me even without memo. It is possible xkb is mixing up super with some other modofier key. Try resetting key shortcuts from ccsm.

I can reproduce this issue consistently when there’s no foreground app loaded. The parent probably had nemo-desktop running, which fixed his issue when no other apps were on the foreground.

What do you mean?

Do you have nemo-desktop in startup applications?

I don’t see it in gnome-tweak Startup applications, but the nemo-desktop process is running indeed.
I have found a file /etc/xdg/autostart/nemo-unity-autostart.desktop
Something restarts it if I try to kill, so I removed the file, reboot: dash don’t open.
Open terminal run: nemo-desktop &
Close the terminal (no app running): dash opens
Kill the process: dash don’t open

I am playing around many ubuntu 19 installation all started with the minimal install except one. That one had nemo-desktop so i was able to filter it out.

I just opened my test laptop from suspend now and suddenly the dash opened with no app and without nemo-desktop in background (wtf?) So I played with it a bit and figured out:

If I move the mouse anywhere in the launcher (doesn’t matter if there is a pinned icon or nothing) and hit the super key, the dash opens!
If I close the dash leaving the mouse over the launcher, I can move the mouse anywhere and the dash opens (If I start an app and close it, the dash doesn’t open again)

BUT: if I remove the mouse from laucher while the dash is open and close the dash it doesn’t open again if the mouse is outside the launcher.

If I change the key:
The Ctrl key works the same way as the super key
Pause, Pgup: dash opens well, but I can’t use these for run launcher apps like Super+Num

But still. If the nemo-desktop process running, dash always opens normaly.

I am not sure but maybe I had this problem before. So I think not 19.04 “caused” this but the minimal install.

PS: I changed the shortcut key in compizconfig -> ubuntu unity plugin. Is it the right place to do that?

Why would you kill Nemo?

Edit: maybe me switching to Nemo for file manager instead of Nautilus made things work for me, so I don’t know.

And which shortcut key did you change in CCSM?

Switching to Nemo is the best thing I did in all installs. I don’t even have Nautilus in my “default” Ubuntu install.