New ubuntu-unity iso

I’d just install an available web browser (Firefox) through the Terminal. Then using it, download whatever web browser I like and install it, and then get rid of Firefox. Others can keep it, if they want. Ubuntu-minimal is not for the broader audience, but for those, who need a lean system with Unity. The ubuntu-unity-minimal-desktop can be installed through apt, just as you can install ubuntu-unity-desktop.

I get your point but I think a browser should be in a minimal install too. The thing is, if you ask 100 users you probably get 100 different software choices which should or shouldn’t be in a minimal install. As you already said you wouldn’t uninstall Shotwell, for me it’s one application I uninstall cause I never used it and never needed it. A graphical editor like Gedit should also be in a minimal install in my opinion.

What for? Minimal is minimal. Unity + a file manager + a terminal.
With the terminal, you can install any app that’s in the repos. And, those apps would be considered by apt as manually installed.

@khurshid-alam, @mc3man, @dale-f-beaudoin

Btw, I just upgraded my bionic install with Nemo as the default file manager (@mc3man bionic-prop), and everything nicely upgraded and my install is still with Nemo. I had uninstalled Nautilus those days. Screenshot from 2018-04-09 21-14-21

You can see the Nemo’s global menu.

EDIT: noticed one problem. Cannot change the desktop wallpaper. Can create icons, folders, files, etc though. @mc3man

Yes for minimal. It’s easy for us to install any app from the terminal but not for the average user. They expect from a minimal install a functional desktop without the bloat, so at least a file manager, browser, editor, software center.

The thing you want already exists. Just load the minimal iso and install it. Write a postinstall script for your needs and run it and you get exactly what you want.


Would prefer nemo too if the effort to implement it isn’t too high. Since the WebUpd8 Team is working on a nemo ppa without cinnamon dependencies and mc3man too, it should be manageable. It just fits better to Unity and the community complained in the past, when nautilus features have gone to a minimum.

Edit: Which ppa I have to add to install nemo? I’ve installed Unity from Ubuntu Bionic so I don’t have it in my sources.

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The thing I want doesn’t exist (yet). It would be ubuntu-unity-minimal desktop. It will be there, when @khurshid-alam would create it. The idea is for everyone to have the ubuntu-unity and ubuntu-unity-minimal. If you can do some coding, you can help @khurshid-alam on that.

There is no ppa at the moment. It was there sometime ago. Maybe @mc3man would create one again, or Alin Andrei. Atm, everything works with Nemo, but you can’t change the background wallpaper.

Gedit has no menu when run as root “gkusudo gedit …” then it opens the file but no menu, I think that would be the case for all gnome apps but except for gedit there are probably no reasons to run them as root.

I think for install application maybe user dash unity in ubuntu-unity-minimal-desktop and ubuntu-unity-minimal.iso
Intalar dede dash unity
instalar desde dash unity 3 paso
So much like this in ubuntu 14.04 and 16.04.


Yes I can confirm this on gedit. If you install nautilus-admin and open a textfile with right click and “open as admin” then the menu is there.

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Atm there are no new nemo builds with unity integration as some of the patches would need refreshing against libgnome-desktop-3-17.
While it’s still possible to use a patched nemo built against libgnome-desktop-3-12 that’s something any user desiring would have to deal with themselves, requires some knowledge of apt, dpkg, launchpad & pinning.
As far as not changing the desktop background see no problems here, both a few month old & a few day old installs using patched nemo are fine.
Troubleshooting your issue isn’t something for this venue…

On the other side of the coin I think using the current 18.04 nemo would work out for many users, the cinnamon deps aren’t onerous. It’s likely subject the same launcher icon quicklist/desktop action nonsense that nautilus has concerning the default xdg folders, maybe some see that as a ‘bonus’ (I can’t stand it…

You are probably now using the Ubuntu repo nemo which upgraded to 3.6.5-1 recently.

How do I downgrade it to your patched one? I cannot find it at bionic-prop.

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I have installed Unity 18.04 with minimum apps (minimal installation) some time ago, and it is doing quite well. I also uninstalled snapd and ubuntu-core - I don’t need dual apps appearing. I can also do without Libreoffice, as I can do documents in the net - rarely use an office suite these days. Would you be doing the ubuntu-unity-minimal?


18.04 is released, is there going to be a new unity respin iso, or just get the latest and update, or should I get the official iso then install unity?

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I’m also wondering, I’m anxious to start using/testing it. :slight_smile:

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An ubuntu unity live installable distro would be out sometime. Atm, you can download one of the available distros based on 18.04 development and upgrade to the present. One at twocamels (OP) and another at sourceforge.

I installed the Ubuntu Unity 18.04 ISO image from scratch and it’s going really nice so far, I like it and encourage you to keep up such a good work.
I encountered just a couple of minor annoyances:

  • Unity-greeter login screen does not change its background accordingly to the main one: I fixed it manually by adding the BackgroundFile line in /var/lib/AccountsService/users.

  • Libreoffice 6.0.3 has some functionality issues: Math does not start up properly and global menu shows “Unknown application name”. I downgraded to 5.4 from LO website but global menu does not work at all and menus appear inside the program window like in Synaptic.

The rest seems to be ok to me!

@tomecorphic: Can you provide the details on how you solved the unity-greeter background issue. That’s a bummer and feels so annoying to see the default ubuntu warty thing.

Long live Unity!