New ubuntu-unity iso

I’m not able to understand a word of it, but let us to the point. Countries and languages do not matter in the community.

Amazingly, it matters a lot. Here in Brazil, for example, only a small portion of the population speaks and understands English fluently. In India, this does not happen, due to the fact that it is a bilingual country, while here and in the Spanish-speaking neighbors, they are mother tongues or are co-official with indigenous languages. Nobody is obliged to understand and speak English, since each Neolatin language or even another branch is not only part of the culture of each inhabitant, but also of their way of communicating with the world.

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No one knows English here, too. You can ask a few others, too, if you like. In my opinion, that’s fine. :slight_smile:

You see, he made the installer script and that installs everything, not only Unity DE, but any other, if you change few words. You really don’t need a ready made distro. The main Unity ppa is created and maintained by @khurshid-alam and that’s the person one must thank!

If you are new to Linux and never heard of Fragadelic, you might be somewhat hard put to create a live iso. There are enough how-tos in Ubuntu wiki too.

Anyway, Raul could’ve kept the script on Git Hub, even if it was written in Portuguese. But, he took it off. He should’ve left it there for someone to look in and take over.


Drop it… Restart the project, that’s the step to be taken :slight_smile:

I’m working on a new aproach to Unity distro, wait for news soon.

It will happen!

PS: Building…

PS2: First pre release, vanilla Ubuntu Unity Desktop.


The installer script can install Ubuntu Unity 20.04. Without the baggage.

20.04 neither was released, why should i build on top of it?

All I say is that the installer script can “build” Unity on 20.04 using the Unity ppa, and without much baggage. :slight_smile: Something I forgot for a long time. Thanks for reminding me of that, and the screeny in that link is from that 20.04.

That was “installed” in the old fashioned way, to a free partition, instead of creating a squashfs file.

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Installing just fine here, thank you. Looks like a proper vanilla Unity session.


I’m also trying it! :slight_smile:

We need a new website @rauldipeas @chanath

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There is none currently

We need a team working on it

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Is this project still alive? will there be an .iso for 20.04 to download anytime soon without much of the unnecessary GS baggage?


I installed Xubuntu 20.04 and then installed Unity7 de. The desktop is a lot faster/smoother than when I installed it on vanilla 20.04.

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Any particular reason for why this should be the case?

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First release of Ubuntu Unity Remix 20.04 is ready! It can be downloaded from:

Google Drive:

Please join us on Telegram at:
Website would be coming up soon.

Release Notes

  • It has been upgraded with the latest versions of Firefox, LibreOffice and the latest Kernel package in the repos.
  • Has the unofficial PPAs removed.
  • Has some bug fixes.
  • There has been a major change to GDM3, so lightdm has been removed completely. However, you can install it if you want to.


I downloaded and tested Unubuntu 20.04 this evening. When it was the official desktop I was not particularly happy, mainly because my computers didn’t have enough ‘horsepower’.

I must say that I am impressed by this release. Thanks a lot everybody who have contributed during the last years :slight_smile:

By the way, I’m running it persistent live in a small SSD so that I can test it easily in different computers.

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Not sure what you’ve got going here, seems best suited for a live session.
For installs I’d use an Ubuntu image, install ubuntu-unity-desktop and go from there.
Generally that’s all you’ve done with a few additions/subtractions/updates & some unneeded packages.

What’s your reasoning to use gdm3?
And if valid then why provide gnome-shell in wayland but not X sessions?

As far as installing and then switching to lightdm, not quite that simple.
For some reason lightdm-gtk-greeter & unity-greeter are already installed, the former takes precedence and is terrible… lightdm-gtk-greeter needs to be removed.