New 19.04 unity iso

That’s great work Raul, just downloading to try in a VM.

An official image would probably require not using oibaf, system76 and a third party kernel however.


So atm I can’t boot it on virtualbox, either in normal live or nvidia legacy. It goes into plymouth showing the ubuntu animation, then on to a black screen.

I’m no trying to achieve an official image, i made this just for fun…

Try again, the last ISO has another kernel, for better compatibility.

Wow, great work Raul! The website is just gorgeus!

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Are you guys aware of the UmixOS project? Someone is already rolling a Unity7 ubuntu derivative: . I just found it today while googling “Ubuntu Unity Remix”. I think we should contact the author and join forces for future releases.
Any news about dale-f-beaudoin? Hope he’s fine… I’m a bit concerned about this silence…

Thanks for the support!

The Umix is a pay distro, this is not my purpose with the Unity XP, but would be great to exchange some experiences with Teejee.

Raul’s ISO is really good in general. Of course an official flavour would need to stick to official sources, but putting that aside the installer works well (like unity era installer) so does the live session.

I reckon it’s a good starting point for an official image.

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How we do move forward to make it official? Martin Wimpress was initially interested in the project, now he’s head of ubuntu desktop team, maybe he can do something to help the project now.


I checked the UMIX page linked above and the author says it is now free to download. Unfortunately, the page hasn’t been updated in awhile and the links are all broken.

Raul, just for fun :slight_smile: Unity on steroids!!! I’m so sorry but I have to say this!

I’m using Raul’s iso from friday 20-12, and jesus omg, I can’t catch my breath!!!

F**k yeah! Unity lives!!!

Unity eXPerience - what better name you can think of?!! Raul rulez! <3

Deep shit Raul, omg again thank you so much!

tão grato meu irmão


@rauldipeas is still working? I’d love to download UX!

I’m working on Unubuntu (unity)

Unfortunatly not, i’m working on XFCE project.

@lowski I’m happy to announce that I’m ready with the beta release of Ubuntu Unity Remix 20.04 (Ubuntu+Unity7). You can download it from The website will be coming up soon. Please feel free to join our Telegram Channel here:

Thanks! Unfortunately the URL doesn’t work for me.

@lowski There was some server issue. This can now be downloaded from:

Google Drive:

@lowski First release of Ubuntu Unity Remix 20.04 is ready! It can be downloaded from:

Google Drive:

Please join us on Telegram at:
Website would be coming up soon.

Release Notes

  • It has been upgraded with the latest versions of Firefox, LibreOffice and the latest Kernel package in the repos.
  • Has the unofficial PPAs removed.
  • Has some bug fixes.
  • There has been a major change to GDM3, so lightdm has been removed completely. However, you can install it if you want to.

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