New 19.04 unity iso

Here is the daily spin. Took me a while. Lot of problems. Try it anyways. Check the ubiquity installer. There seems to be lots of bugs. I’ll have another spin up soon.

Keep in mind I have an official Canonical License to distribute ubuntu-unity-desktop experience so the iso is traceable to a real person.


Create a login at Sourceforge too and put a copy there. No one looks in - that place is not google searchable. It doesn’t hurt to have an account at Sourceforge. Wellknown distros have an account there, such as Manjaro, Sparky, MX, etc.


Hi Chanath,

I am going at this slowly. I would rather have our unity team test for now. I cannot afford the bandwidth to do the extra uploads. It takes 6 hours to upload 1 iso and it takes complete control of my bandwidth so I am hoping to put up as many custom dailies as I can as my contribution to the effort of having unity attain official distro status.

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I am glad that you are working on this. It gives a sense of purpose. I’ll have look at your iso in live mode this weekend.

Khurshid has done an exceptional job of maintaining the ubuntu-unity-desktop. I hope to build more isos soon that are a little less bulky and easier to handle. The current daily has lots of bugs but it does not reflect on the unity-desktop per se.

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Is there any reason we cannot tweak the ubuntu installer to install unity instead of gnome?

It can actually be done with Cubic. I tried doing it with 18.04, but wasn’t successful. 19.04 was a success, IIRC.

Is there any iso for Ubuntu 18.04 from the team ?

What happened to twocamels link. Is there another place to download the ISO?

Are there any news about Unity as an upcoming “official” Ubuntu flavor?

I would love to see Unity evolving just like Shuttleworth dreamt this wonderful DE back in the good days…or even gets better than that!

I can’t code but i am willing to support such project the best i can…i.e. translating in german, Mock-Ups and ideas for features, testing and bug-reporting, etc…

are there people who like to create together the best Unity?

the link is down, is there a chance to get the new iso somewhere else?

How can i help to spread the build?

There’s no news from Dale. He’s been sick. Someone else has to create an iso.

I saw that and I’m praying for him. Is there some reason the ltwo camels ink had to go down when he got cancer?

guys, any news for new unity iso? :frowning:

Will arrive in around 20.04 LTS. Maybe, you should open a poll?

There’s been some more work done in Unity support in Yaru:

Would be good to see this adopted as default styling for 20.04 lts if enough progress is made

That looks amazing! I truly hope they work well by 20.04.

Any news for Ubuntu 19.10?

Any word/chance of official flavour status?

New website

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