Multipass News, W24 2019

Hello all,

Another number of weeks, please find a a portion of updates from Multipass below:

Bugfixes and features

  • Fix various autocomplete bugs (#788, #700, #714, #716)
  • Allow for simultaneous launching of new images (#759, #664)
  • Format find output (#794)
  • Add standard input/output support to transfer (#789) - thanks @MaximDanilov!
  • Clean up instance data if an error occurs during image prep (#812, #680)
  • Allow configuring primary instance name (#805, #766)
  • Directly use network cache when downloading data (#834, #825, #829)

That last one means that as long as you have once launched an instance for an image, you will be able to continue launching more from that image, even if you never get onto the network again.

In progress

Did you notice we’ve enabled VirtualBox on Windows and macOS in the last release? It’s currently tricky to enable, but @ricab’s been working on making it as easy as multipass set local.driver=virtualbox.

@townsend is making it so Multipass knows its health on a given driver, and through that will even select one for you on first run so you don’t need to know.

Our instance images are a little lax with the amount of space they use, so @greyback is telling them to behave.

All that, and more, should be ready for our next feature release in a short while.


We’re building up our documentation library - we’d love to know what topics you’d like to see there. Just leave a comment under the outline and we’ll see what we can do.

Getting it

On snap-enabled Linuxes, just snap install multipass --classic --beta.

Installers for macOS and Windows are published on our GitHub page.


Please let us know here or on GitHub about your experience with Multipass! See you there :slight_smile:

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