Announcing the Multipass 0.7.0 beta release

Happy Release Day!

We would like to announce version 0.7.0 beta release of Multipass! The big part is that we added a preview of VirtualBox support for Windows and macOS!

Getting it

The Snap version is now in the beta channel.
The Windows version is found here and the Mac version is found here.

Other Highlights

  • we’ve significantly improved concurrency, and as a result - responsiveness (#682, #724)
  • there’s a new primary instance feature, that lets you avoid typing the instance name, multipass shell is all you need to get your first Ubuntu shell (#723)
  • core18 is now a supported alias for Ubuntu Core 18 (#771)
  • we renamed copy-files to transfer for a nicer command line experience (#778)
  • there’s now a system menu / system tray icon, where you can see and interact with your instances (#565)
  • concurrent launch requests now share the image being downloaded (#664)


At the moment you need to run the multipass-gui system menu manually.

Significant bugfixes

  • Multipass won’t launch disco VM (#690)
  • multipassd SEGV on removing / launching instances (#752)
  • a number of bash completion issues (#700, #714, #716)
  • multipassd segfaults on launch and delete --purge on same instance (#761)

You can find the full list of changes in our v0.7.0 project and even more detailed in the full commit log.

VirtualBox Support

We added support for VirtualBox, primarily to lower the requirements of Multipass on Windows. Now anywhere VirtualBox runs, Multipass will, too.

It’s a separate environment, so your instances from Hyper-V or HyperKit (the default backends on Windows and macOS, respectively) will not move over, but you can switch between the backends freely.

Please see this forum post for instructions on how to enable and disable VirtualBox support.

System Menu

At the moment, on Windows and macOS there’s no icon to click on to run the GUI, as it’s our first iteration. You can run multipass-gui yourself and see the menu in action :slight_smile:

We’ll be properly integrating it with the desktop environments soon.


Please file issues here for problems and feature requests, or come to our discourse to chat. We’re also on #multipass on Freenode. See you there :slight_smile:

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