Monday 29th October 2018

Hi everyone, below you will find the updates from the Desktop team from the last week.

If you’re interested in discussing a topic please start a thread in the Desktop area of the Community Hub (this site).
We also have our weekly meeting on IRC. We meet on Tuesday at 13:30 UTC in #ubuntu-desktop on Freenode. There will be an “Any Other Business” section at the end where you are welcome to raise topics. These topics might be discussed during the meeting, or afterwards depending on the time, depth of conversation, topic and so on.

Last week’s notes are here: Monday 22nd October 2018
Next week’s notes are here: Monday 5th November 2018 🎇

  • Post Cosmic release installation and upgrade bugs triaging.
  • Built Win 10 disk image for testing Ubuntu alongside Windows installations with UEFI firmware.
  • Reviewed Automated desktop snap testing tool
  • Updating the Desktop installer test plan with UEFI, secure boot, Ubuntu alongside Windows 10 and VM tests.
  • Tested r145 for Firefox snap.
  • Worked on the 18.10 Hyper-V Desktop image
  • Reverted gnome-characters snap back to using the application icon rather than the theme icon #1795560
  • Refreshed gnome-3-28-1804 platform snap, including base = core18
  • Built gnome-system-monitor against the core18 base and the gnome-3-28-1804 platform snap (just for testing now)
  • Roadmap sprint in SLC

:computer_mouse: Gnome Shell performance:

:bug: Bug management:

  • :chart_with_upwards_trend: Backlogs progress :chart_with_downwards_trend: :
    • Mostly business as usual but there was a 5% increase in the backlog for gnome-shell this week. Interesting that only half of that uptick (8 or 9 of 17 bugs) was from 18.10, and the other half was 18.04.
  • :speaker: Starting to understand PulseAudio’s three most common problems (remaining since Bluetooth skipping was fixed). So for future reference:
    • pulseaudio daemon not running and there are no crash reports: Likely it got killed for overusing its rlimit-rttime. This is a questionable feature of PulseAudio where it asks the kernel to kill it if the driver is performing too slow. To avoid the daemon getting killed, just add realtime-scheduling = no to /etc/pulse/daemon.conf.
    • PulseAudio lists no devices (other than Dummy) but the kernel/ALSA does. This can happen if a daemon like timidity (or jackd?) opens the device directly, preventing PulseAudio from using it. The surprising part is how many users are installing timidity-daemon.
    • PulseAudio lists no devices (other than Dummy) and neither does ALSA → kernel bug (audio hardware not yet supported).


  • Common Print Dialog Backends: Posted requests for inclusion of cpdb-libs, cpdb-backend-cups, cpdb-backend-gcp, cpdb-backend-file packages into Debian.
  • cpdb-libs: Posted RT request about testing autopkg test script on rugby porter box (arm64). Script works flawlessly there, so autopkg test failure on arm64 seems to be caused by some problem on the build/test servers.
  • ghostscript: There is an upgrade path bug on transition 16.04 -> 18.04, seems that /usr/share/ghostscript/9.25/iccprofiles/ switched from being a directory to a symlink.
  • Bugs.
  • sorted out my GNOME gitlab credentials to be able to push again (I was logging with username and not ldap, which doesn’t work to commit)
  • pushed my totem gallery fixes to master/gnome-3-30
  • uploaded g-s-d/bionic SRU for a suspend/resume oem validation issue (lp #1797322))
  • SRUed fix for keyboard backlight controls not working in cosmic
  • SRUed fix for airplane mode key not working in GNOME (cosmic & bionic,
  • opened MIRs for gupnp and gssdp, part of the rygel/DLNA stack (were in main but need a new review)
  • SRUed my totem/gallery fix
  • discussed desktop plans for next cycle
  • bugs triaging post-cosmic
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  • Getting my head back into the systemd --user work:
    • Rebasing some of the patches, fixing up and pushing to the merge requests
    • Got some feedback, discussed & modified based on that (mainly avoiding using sd_uid_get_display() in favour of calculating the desired session directly).
  • small Debian upload to merge back our pygobject delta
  • Helped IS out with cleaning up unneeded cloud instances we were keeping around for autopkgtest
  • Had to debug a broken juju environment to be able to freeze appstream for cosmic :frowning: but done now :slight_smile:


firefox24 firefox

  • Chris figured out and fixed bug #1798999 (apparmor denials on /dev/shm)
  • 63.0+build2 has been published to all supported series
  • looked into adding themes-related plugs to the firefox snap, but this doesn’t work because the snap is built against GTK 3.18.9, which is older than what the gtk-common-themes snap supports (≥ 3.20)
  • re-enabled unity-menubar patch in firefox 64 in beta PPA

chromium22 chromium

  • updated stable to 70.0.3538.77
  • updated dev then beta to 71.0.3578.20 (updated html5test expectations), provided positive feedback on upstream swiftshader patch
  • updated dev to 72.0.3590.0
  • built a new stable snap against core18 and successfully tested on bionic, xenial and trusty, waiting on the store team to give their green light before publishing
  • tested U2F-related bugs with yubikey 4
    • bug #1796746 (affecting deb on 18.04): cannot reproduce with latest update on 18.10
    • bug #1738164 (snap): confirmed and debugged further, need to work with Jamie to fix it
  • created wiki page with test plan (long overdue)

libreoffice24-margin libreoffice

  • prepared and tested 6.0.7 SRU for bionic (bug #1799230), pending the official release announcement

snapcraft24 snaps

package24 other

  • filed a bug against the website
  • SRUed upstream fix for bug #1798053 in gnome-software (back button)
  • hit all sorts of weird issues at boot when my disk got full, created a trello card to aim at improving the situation

My updates:

  • Submitted desktop snap testing tool
  • Testing and small fixed for desktop snap testing tool
  • Analyze openQA and Sikuli integrate any of them to desktop snap testing.
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Yaru for GTK 3.18:

  • The theme now looks like a decent approximation of the 3.20+ version.
  • The PR, which has a few progress screenshots.
  • Due to differences in the way GTK 3.18 handles checkbox/radio indicators, I needed to generate image assets rather than reuse the CSS used to draw them. The assets from the GTK 2 theme were a useful starting point.
  • While there is still room for improvement, the theme is pretty much ready to merge.
  • It doesn’t contain any of the application specific quirks of the 3.20+ theme, but then this is only intended to make old apps fit in on a new desktop rather than to run Yaru on old desktops.