Membership meeting disruption and attack

I had an attempted hack by “Not named” could not get by my confined AppArmor profile. Other than a tool bar trying to get a snapshot of my desktop, during the IRC I wound up with a extra tool bar…displaying a screenshot. … did,not work…
I presently am Embarrassed to be a member of Ubuntu because of this… @madhens should investigate and @
I request as mark being my friend. I will end my tragic situation being do not trust IRC Chat at all. I had to Reinstall Ubuntu 20.04 my favorite OS.
This cost me a re-install. FACT during the meeting becoming a Ubuntu member…I now am ashamed to be this member…Remove me from the membership. That is what this is all about… Only to include an irreverent…conclusion…I would rather not be a member due to being subject to this: FACT… IRC Chat IS a Hacksite

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@bernard010 bernard excuse me but are you joining with ssl on IRC? I saw that you connect in ipv6 (basenji (~b3@2600:8804:200:a500::1)), so I don’t know where they got your IP … then I can ask you who this user is, because among the ubuntu members I don’t think there are any malicious users … having said that, I’m sorry if this really happened to you but I don’t think a hacker will duplicate your panel and take screenshots, but I think a hacker will steal a person’s sensitive data …

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True , very true, toolbar & screenshot attack happened. During the interview for membership… Log files as fact. No sensitive data on computer at all.

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Bernard I don’t think your attack came from IRC


Especially an ubuntu channel

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@bernard010 i also think they didn’t attack you on IRC, nor a ubuntu member but you went to some wrong site in my opinion …

Hi @bernard010,

If you have verifiable evidence that an Ubuntu Member, or any community participant, has attacked your computer then please forward it to the Community Council via (this is a moderated list so do not be alarmed when you get a message that your email has been held)


I will be humble and pass on the offer.
Thank You for the considerations.
I am a new member, don’t want to cause any problems.
Bernard Stafford

Hi Bernard! First of all, I am sorry you had this sort of experience, and that it happened during the membership meeting. If, like @diddledani said, you have evidence this was caused by someone on the channel, please contact the Community Council, since that is pretty serious.

My guess - and this is just my guess - is that something happened at the same time as the meeting, which was either a strange coincidence, or was maybe related to how you connected to IRC. If you think it might be because of how you connected, it would be a good idea to get in touch with the IRC Council ( and let them know the details, so they can see if there’s anything we can or should do. We want you and everyone in the Ubuntu Community to be safe!


Thank Your for your support and guidance.
I have contributed to my embarrassment.
My apologizes to the entire community.


When we learn from our mistakes, it makes us stronger. :slight_smile:


you did the earthquake for nothing, next time investigate a little before alarming everyone

It’s easy for any of us to assume the worst - once I thought my laptop was stolen from my locker at an archive, and I went, in tears, to get the security guards. Then I remembered I had changed lockers during lunch, after the guards had already got there. So we should definitely show patience to each other, and try to help each other out, like @nhaines said.

So @bernard010 don’t feel any worse than you have to, and just keep learning! It’s the best any of us can do. :blush:


Have you ever had a 2nd toolbar appear on your desktop with a second mouse pointer then open a snapshot of your desktop. That is embarrassing. All the same time I am typing a reply to a question on Hexchat. The 2nd toolbar and mouse pointer was froze om my desktop.
With all due respect I pass on IRC chat. AppArmor in confine mode works. I reinstalled a new desktop on the computer.
I am still just learning as you stated. Thank You.

Oh, I used Hexchat once, and I did not like it at all. I am using IRC Cloud for now, since I need to see messages I missed when offline, and I also like the interface. To me, it was much more usable than Hexchat. But we’re starting to drift a bit off topic - maybe we can start a new one about IRC clients that we like to use and recommend!

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