Matrix Council Meeting report: 29 February 2024

Meeting participants:
Aaron Rainbolt (@arraybolt3), Merlijn Sebrecths (@merlijn-sebrechts ), Nils Buchner (@nbuechner), Mauro Gaspari (@ilvipero), Marc Gilligan (@ulfnic)

Meeting Chair:
Mauro Gaspari (@ilvipero)


  • Documents published
  • Documents to add or amend
    • How to reach the matrix council
    • Room recommended standards
    • Homeserver policies for room admins
      • Main moderation document
      • Link to publishing rules/process
      • Info on abandoned room policies
      • Link to mjolnir bot
    • How to create spaces
    • How to become a moderator and defender (edit: added to the main moderation document)
    • Backup your keys - Add this to the getting started document
    • What is it to be a defender. Then link it in the main moderation document
      • Access to management room
      • Read the moderation document
      • Read the room publishing document
      • How to interact with mjolnir
      • Defenders need to add a filter on their user notifications settings and add keyword: !defenders


  • Do we need to add Launchpad group for defenders?
    • This is not needed, defenders don’t need to be verifiable by Launchpad, as their primary goal is to fight spam and trolls. Defenders will not intervene in moderation and will never ask room admins for special permissions.
    • Defenders are listed in the governance document
    • Operators and Matrix Council can double check defenders by looking at the people in the management room

IRC bridging

  • Testing going well and will be done in 2 weeks
  • We pinged for updates, waiting for their reply

Rooms from the Matrix homeserver

  • Matrix homeserver was deleted, and with it, the admin accounts that were managing rooms on the server.
  • Rooms that are left alive are so because they were copied in other homeservers. If we have no admins in the rooms, we should just set tombstone events and create new rooms.
  • If tombstone cannot be set, we need to send manual messages and ask people to join newly created rooms on the Ubuntu Matrix homeserver.

Thank you for all the hard work you are doing on the Matrix front.