Matrix Council Meeting report: 21 March 2024

Meeting participants:
Seth Arnold (@sarnold), Mauro Gaspari (@ilvipero), Nils Buchner (@nbuechner), Aaron Rainbolt (@arraybolt3), Merlijn Sebrecths (@merlijn-sebrechts ), Marc Gilligan (@ulfnic).

Meeting Chair:
Seth Arnold (@sarnold)

IRC Integration

Discussion continued over implementation of identd or ipv6 for regulating bridge traffic bandwidth on a per-account basis.


Ubotto, a Matrix bot by Nils (@nbuechner) is undergoing development kicking things off with it’s first commands providing…

  • Package info and dependency lookup for various Ubuntu releases.
  • Links to Ubuntu Matrix documentation for common questions.
  • Recommendations for how to use chat such as how to seek help.

Various other Matrix bots were also presented for consideration.

  • usnbot to report new ubuntu security notifications
  • bugbot to report new ubuntu bugs
  • changesbot to report new package publications (like these mail lists The Focal-changes Archives )
  • blogbot to report new canonical blog posts
  • askubuntubot to report new questions on askubuntu
  • discoursebot to report new conversations on discourse
  • phasingbot to report the phasing status of SRUs
  • bandwidthbot to report archive mirror throughput being consumed
  • builderbot to report build queue depths, build farm status
  • rebuilderbot to let people request rebuilds from chat (kinda iffy, this one)
  • autopkgtestbot to report test queue depths, test farm status, maybe failures?
  • mirrorbot to on-demand run mirror health checks on our mirrors or community mirrors

Integration with LaunchPad for rights management was also discussed with LaunchPad Web Services API being presented as a good solution.

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