Matrix Council meeting: May 23 2024

Meeting Attendees

Grégory Schiano (@gschiano), Mauro Gaspari (@ilvipero), Michal Kohútek (@Tylnesh)

Meeting chair

Mauro Gaspari (@ilvipero)

Meeting Agenda

IRC bridge updates

  • IRC bridge test on staging successful.
  • Identd test on staging successful.
  • It is time to contact and cc IRC council, and clear some questions on identd port numbers, and network topology.

IRC bridge action items

  1. confirm with if custom port for identd can be used or not.
  2. confirm if the IP address schema works.

IRC Bridge documentation

  • End user documentation drafted and ready on discourse.
  • Documentation will be published on the frontend when IRC is live in production.

Scalability testing in staging

  • Plan to complete the changes and deploy within 2 or 3 weeks.
  • Media Storage configuration changes are a prerequisite for scalability. The changes are ready This needs to be tested in staging.

Performance improvements planned for the 24.10 cycle

  • Optimize caching configurations.
  • Configuration changes to prevent public rooms to be encrypted.
  • Configuration changes to fine tune the process so Synapse is restarted only when strictly necessary.

Features planned the 24.10 cycle

  • Sliding sync proxy to support elementx client.
  • Maubot.
  • Hookshot.
  • Change mjolnir to draupnir.
  • Evaluate other Matrix homeserver implementations.
    • Dendrite.
    • Conduit.
    • Conduwuit.