MATE panel running in Mir

As you may know, I’ve have been porting the MATE desktop, specifically MATE panel, to Wayland. The idea is that we’ll get all the shell components (panel, notifications, etc) and applications (Caja, Pluma, etc) Wayland compatible, then offer a “MATE on Wayland” session, with Marco and the X server replaced by a Mir-based compositor.

At the beginning, I determined the most complex piece would be MATE panel, and that’s why I’m happy to say that I’ve gotten it running inside Mir (video).

I’m currently working with the MATE developers to track down bugs and get initial Wayland support landed in master. Meanwhile, I’m also completing and improving Mir’s layer shell support, which is required for non-window surfaces (like panels and notifications). The changes to Mir will require an API break, so we’re holding off merging them until we’re sure we’ve gotten everything right.


Excellent progress @sophie-w! Thanks for working on this :grinning::+1:


When I read the Gnome-Shell 4 proposals on here I always wonder if just some compositor functionality could be moved from mutter to MIR to have MIR act as a proxy display server. That could spare the developers at least months or realistically rather years and years of rewrites.

Most of the ideas in there are indeed compatible with what Mir is and its long-term goals. We intend for Mir to be flexible enough to accommodate all the desktop environments out there while ensuring consistency in the mundane window management paradigms.



I notice that “MATE Desktop Environment on Wayland” is available as a snap. I’ve searched, but I haven’t been able to find much documentation/discussion for this snap. (Sorry if I missed an announcement.)

Is development of the “MATE Desktop Environment on Wayland” snap far enough along that you currently welcome testers? And if so, where should bugs be reported?


This was announced in Mir News: 22nd March 2019


Thanks. Yep, I missed that one. :slight_smile:

The 22nd March 2019 announcement mentions that “[@sophie-w will] make another announcement when enough progress has been made to have a presentable demo.” In the meantime, provided bug reports are currently welcome, where should bugs be reported?

The best place would probably be, but It’s not at the point where we really need bug reports. It’s fairly obvious what’s broken (most stuff) and what we need to do about it (make it not broken).

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